Love: It’s Not About You

This is another post from the archives kept deep within my Facebook account in the Notes section – what I would consider my first blog. This one was written November 2, 2006 – I was every bit of 24 years old and I looked like this:

Best selfie a Sidekick pager could take! LOL
Enjoy – 
It seems to be the concensus of my generation that we are having such a hard time when it comes to relationships and finding who we deem to be “the one.” Day in and day out we always pick our brain and get frustrated as to why “he” can’t get right and why “she” can’t do right. Will “he” love me the way that I need to be loved? Or will “he” think that I am needy? Will “she” allow me to be vulnerable? and still allow me to be the Man that I need to be?

I have come to the realization that God is truly using the next generations to do a new thing in His kingdom. Why does this matter? you may ask. It matters because, When God formed us, He had our help-meat and soul-mate in mind. Not only did He have our gratification and satisfication in mind, but He also had your potential children in mind. God’s choice for you is someone who will continue to align you with your destiny with Him. 

That is why we can not be selfish with Love. Love is a gift from God that we must share unconditionally. Know that there are persons that are in your life for a reason and for a season. You will know that they are “the one” when you continue to grow in Him, and that person does not draw you away from Him through constant frustration and aggravation. Your mind is no longer on Him, thanking Him for the blessing in your life. But rather its on Him asking and begging Him to clarify why He brought that madness into your life. 

Realize this as well… There are some relationships that the enemy will not be happy about. There is indeed spiritual warfare that will take place when God’s chosen is brought together. We need to remember to pray daily for our significant others. Women of God, continue to pray daily for the men in your life, that he continues to seek God and grow in Him so that your destiny together might be revealed through him. If you both are prayed up, nothing that God joins together,will no man be able to put asunder. God is able to wreck shop through a relationship where both persons are prayed up. That’s why it is very important to not be aligned with someone who is unequally yoked. I pray that God sends someone who will be able to continuously cover me, and I pray that I do the same, because it is not easy in ministry to be uncovered. 

Loving someone is a gift…. its like the capability to breathe and it comes that natural. There is a beauty in a relatioship that God ordains. It’s something that can never be kept a secret, because the fact that you are with your “God-Sent” will give you a radient glow and sheer happiness that will not be able to be hidden from the world. Its the testimony to the gift that God gives you.

One day we’ll hopefully all be able to bask in the glory of having peace in our relationships. Know Him, Love Him, and Trust Him…. Remember that the Quality of your relationship with God will shape the Quality of your personal relationships. If you have a relationship with Him, never fear the quality of the relationship that you will have with someone that God brings into your life. 

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