Our New Couch Takes Hostages

For Christmas this past year we decided to invest in updating furniture in our house. We absolutely wanted to get a new couch for our family room. Before, we found ourselves constantly fighting over which one of us would sit in the seat that had the ottoman and who was going to be able to lounge on the comfy part of the couch. Our goal was to find a couch that would solve that problem. 
After literally a year of visiting every furniture store we could think of, we finally decided on this beauty from Crate and Barrel. 
The only difference is that we got it in Chocolate Brown just in case it got stained and especially since we just had a baby, which meant stains are inevitable. Because of that change it meant that it was in the custom color category and we would have to wait for it. It was delivered a few days ago – just before the snow storm we received today.
Today was the first day that we were able to sit down and really enjoy this couch because I work from home and it was a snow day where the Federal Government shut down the offices.
It did not take long for this new couch to take hostages. 
One by one they were out like a light, while I struggled to remain engaged teleworking. 
It is so comfy and so big that it feels like you are in bed. The couch is very deep, which was exactly what we loved about it. Baby girl would have to roll over and over before she would hit the floor. 
Needless to say, I spent most of my morning trying to watch TV over the sounds of snores in harmony. 
I guess naps were warranted since yesterday Gracia was not letting Daddy sleep one bit!

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2 thoughts on “Our New Couch Takes Hostages

  1. Cece says:

    Awesome couch!! It looks soooo cozy! We have a sectional and got that square add in to put in the corner and it makes it very bed like and wonderful. We did go with the tan though. Sometimes I regret that!!


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