Gracia’s 3 Months Old

Happy Three Months Baby Girl!

How Big Am I?


Last month, Gracia’s weight was 11 lbs. 6.2 oz – this month she weighs 14lbs. 5oz.She hasn’t been to the doctor’s for a well visit to get the rest of her stats yet but I am hoping to get updated stats really soon. I would say that she has definitely grown at least 2 lbs. and possibly a 1/2 inch more. 


Gracia is officially in 3 month clothes in Carters and Newborn clothes in Circo Target brand! 0-3 months in Gerber brand. We pretty much put anything that has a 3 on her and see if it fits. If it doesn’t we just save it for the following week because more than likely she will be in it by then.  She is still wearing Newborn sized shoes. 

What’s My Routine?


My sister in law has left us and now Amos is watching Gracie at home while he works from home. My routine is pretty much the same as it was before. I get up with Gracia at her 4-5am feeding. She may wake up some time within that hour and I feed her and may go back to sleep or just get up and get ready for work depending on how close to 5am she wakes up. 
When I come home from work around 4:30pm, I sometimes find Gracia with her bib backwards. I asked my husband why does she have it on backwards and he says its because she is “Super Gracie” … ok sir whatever you have to do to entertain yourself throughout the day. 

I come home and take her for her afternoon nap and when she wakes about 1-2 hours later we get dinner ready while Amos is at work until about 9-10pm. Around 11:30pm she has her last feeding of the day and I go to sleep shortly after. I started doing shorter baths at night and he gives her full baths in the morning when she wakes up with a full grease down with Vaseline.


Gracia is up to 6oz of Similac Advanced every 3-4 hours or so at this point. She finally is able to handle the size 1 nipples and gets less milk all over herself. She has made attempts to hold her own bottle now. We tried Rice during this month to see if it will help her sleep at night but it didn’t so we stopped giving her rice and will save solid foods until next month at least. 


Gracia’s sleep schedule is fairly regular. She goes to sleep for good around 11pm and will only wake to eat around every 3-4 hours until she wakes up for the day around 8:30am. She is up at that point until her first nap around 10:30am. She will be awake and nap in about 2-3 hour intervals just like her feeding schedule.
She does really well sleeping in her bassinet. If she is in the bed with us, its not because she cries to be with us – its moreso because we miss her. We hope that soon we will let her sleep in her own bed more often. 

What Milestones Have I Hit?

She is showing more signs that she knows who her parents are – it melts my heart when she wants me

Still Teething and has discovered how to put her hands in her mouth!

She can follow sounds and people with great control of her head! 

She can also sit up for a brief moment with minimal help.

She also grasps toys on purpose now!

…and sometimes pees so much and so often that there is no reason for snapping her onesies LOL


Gracia’s First Plane Ride

Gracia got to meet her Dad’s side of the Family
The top two are of her with her Aunt, Altagracia whom Gracia is also named, the middle two are Amos’ best friends/ brothers, Harvey and Tony and the bottom two are her two Great Aunts Lorenza and Maria.

Gracia’s First Walk Outside in her Stroller without the Infant Seat

Another visit from Nana and Pop-Pop – and she told them everything they’ve missed.

Gracia met her bosom buddy, Ethan and they happened to be wearing the same color that Sunday. 
Had a playdate and both went to sleep at the same time 
…and Gracia has had her first cold. 
Luckily she only has a little runny nose, but we have been giving her baby vaporub and having her breathe with the humidifier near by as instructed by her pediatrician. 
Its postponed the rest of her vaccines since we already split them up by a month, but thats ok. 

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Baby Gear/ Toys: 

Disclaimer: None of these reviews are sponsored and are just my personal preference, however, I have attached affiliate sponsor links so you can see how you can purchase them yourself. Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

You know how I love my Mamaroo.. 
Well I love it not only as a swing, but I love it as a seat to just place her in and get a bit of free time for her to enjoy some Doc McStuffins – she doesn’t have much TV time but when she does I love I can show her shows where the star looks like her. 
She loves Elmo and Abby Cadabby as well on Sesame Street. 

Paparazzi Got Me!

My Favorite Pics from this Month:

Watching Sesame Street with Daddy 
Out at Brunch with Daddy and Mommy
My favorite outfit that was handmade by an elderly woman at my husbands church. I absolutely love crochet outfits – maybe because it reminds me of my own grandmother.

At church in Florida

Early Morning Sesame Street watching

Just another Sunday Morning

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5 thoughts on “Gracia’s 3 Months Old

  1. She Talks says:

    Out of control cuteness…she is perfect! I started checking in on your blog back when you were ttc. I am still ttc, but I found your story very encouraging. I hadn't checked in since you had your sweet baby so congrats! I'm sure you are so in love with that beautiful little face!


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