Do you want to build a Snowman?

One of the things that I did last week was FINALLY rent Frozen, after stalking my On Demand to see when it would be released for Rent. I had heard nothing but good things about it, but we weren’t able to go to the theater to see it when it was out. I sat Gracia down when I got home from work and we watched it together… more like I watched it and she napped after a good 20 mins of watching it but still – in my mind we watched it together.
…mind you, I watched it three times so she pretty much saw the whole thing depending on when her nap fell on that day.
Can you tell that she was as into it as I was…
She was so determined to learn how to sit straight up this week. I would lean her back, she would do crunches to try to sit herself upright. So she did that until she fell asleep watching Frozen.
Can I just speak for her when I say that we LOVE this movie?
I don’t know if its because of the catchy songs or the storyline, but I absolutely think this movie is so cute! And as many Disney movies as I have watched, I am beginning to see how Disney changed its message with meet a man and they live happily ever after with this movie. We were so engrained to think that’s how real life worked for so long because of their movies when we were little girls that I know a lot of disappointed wannabe Cinderellas that are in their 30’s, but I digress because that’s a WHOLE other post for a later time.
With this eternal winter that we are currently experiencing, I feel like we are in a real life Frozen.
I have been walking around my office, watching the flurries fall singing “Do you want to build a snowman?” at the top of my lungs!

 Well Anna, NO! I don’t want to build anymore snowmen! I am SO SICK of winter weather its ridiculous. Its a shame when 50 degrees feels like a heat wave around here because its been so cold.The smidgen of a nice day that we had last week, we took Gracie out to finally see some sun! She was dressed and ready to explore…

But first, she needed her nourishment for the ride.

Boy if that didn’t backfire on me!
You see this cute face? This is her poop face.
I had to change her twice in the car, in some random parking lot before we even got to where we were going. UGH! But after that we had a really wonderful day.
We went down to the National Harbor to walk around on the docks and enjoy the weather. We were trying to go to dinner, but apparently everybody had the same idea. I was not willing to wait 2 hours just to get a seat.

We took Gracia to the spot where we took our “first look” wedding photos the morning of our wedding day to watch the sunset. Its amazing how life is so different 3 1/2 years later.
Back then, we were just about to say our vows.. now here we are with our 3 month old. God is good!

I hope that the snow stops so that we can continue to make more memories and enjoy things to do as a family and enjoy the good weather.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Create new memories!

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One thought on “Do you want to build a Snowman?

  1. Cece says:

    Oh she is adorable! I hear good things about frozen but it's really hard for me to watch an animated movie on my own. If someone else wants to see it I will watch and probably love it! I do love the song. I think it's great that Disney has evolved with the times. Glad the two of you liked it!!


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