Gracia’s 4 months old

Happy Four Months Baby Girl!

How Big Am I?


Gracia didn’t have a wellness check this month because we missed it by accident, getting her ready for daycare. We only scheduled a shots only visit so she was not measured. I don’t know how big she is but if I were to guess she is closer to 17lbs now and very long – like we are convinced that its time to make her growth chart for the wall so that we can measure her growth because she is getting up there. If I get any measurements this month, I will definitely come back and add it.  


Gracia is still in 3 month sized clothing now across the board. There are times where she will wear 6 month sized pants just because of the thickness and length of her legs. Our favorite brands are still Carters and Osh Kosh. I stay buying things on clearance and off season for her size. This little outfit she is wearing above only cost me a total of $8.00. What I have also found is my favorite socks! As you can see, Miss Gracie loves to move her feet to get her socks and shoes off. These Babies R Us brand socks are the best! She cant get them off to save her life. I will buy these over Target brand socks, now that I know.

What’s My Routine?


Gracia started a new daycare and we are starting to feel more and more comfortable. She now goes to daycare at 10am to 4pm, three days a week. I will pull out her outfit for the morning and pack her daycare bag. Her dad will get her dressed and takes her there and I will pick her up. He also does the nightshift if she wakes up so I believe that is a great trade off, since I am out the door by 6am.  When I pick her up from daycare, I can tell that she is loving it. Her disposition is the same and all the kids either flock to her or me to say goodbye to their little friend or to tell me about their day. I am glad that she gets some time to socialize. We can already see the influence that is having on her trying to do things that the big kids are doing.


Case in point, Gracia is a bottle holding pro at 4 months old. It all started after her trip to stay with her grandparents. Since then, she has been reaching for her bottle and knows how to put it in her mouth and keep it there until she is full. This has been a great help to her tired parents. She still eats about 6oz of Similac. She may eat 8oz or 10oz at times. But the time between bottles are about 4 hours still. She pretty much is dictating how much and when she eats with no exact schedule anymore.


We have hit a milestone with sleeping!!! Gracia used to wake at least twice in the course of the night where my husband and I would trade off feedings. This month, Gracia only wakes once to eat and if then. She actually slept through the night this week from 11pm to 7am. Here’s hoping that she keeps that up. She slept 11pm to 5am last night and probably would’ve stayed sleep. But after eating, she stayed up blowing bubbles for about 15 mins before she went back to sleep until about 9am. We are making progress!

What Milestones Have I Hit?

I think she is going through the attachment phase. She definitely is grasping for things on purpose and knows how to reach for what she wants. Problem is she wants everything, so we are constantly making sure that the inappropriate things are out of reach. Apparently this day, she needed her Binky, blanket, cloth and Elmo to go to sleep.

Blowing bubbles is her favorite thing to do. Babbling of course – and she really thinks she is communicating with us and tummy time is no problem for my baby genius. LOL.  
She is very active! I swear her nap time has diminished greatly. She loves her activity center and so do we! It keeps her occupied when we need to cook or eat dinner. 

She knows and loves her family-
She spent four days without us this month with her grandparents. All parties involved love every bit of it!

Then she came home and was up underneath of us and told us all about her days with them.


She is making it through Wonder Week – Leap #4 with great spirits. I can’t wait until the next set of milestones.


Gracia’s First Sleepover with her Grandparents 

Her shirt said “Life is Good at Grandma’s”


Gracia was introduced to Books –
I am not sure if she was squinting or unsure of the people on the page but her facial expression had me dying laughing. Its so interesting to see the world through her eyes.
Eventually she wanted to read to herself.


She skipped to the back of the book – just like her mother.

She has since added a book about Frozen to her collection as well that has a magical wand that makes noise when you tap the page.
Gracia’s First Easter Production –
We took Gracie to the Easter play this year. She loved seeing the dancing and performances but if it was her normal nap time, she was out like a light.

 Gracia’s First Palm Sunday

The shoes on her feet did not last long at all.. she was able to hold her own Palms though and waved them in the air for the both of us.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Baby Gear/ Toys: 

This exersaucer is absolutely one of my faves. She has not gotten bored with it yet.

If I could put non-toy products on the list, it would be: Babies R Us brand socksAquaphor – Gracie has baby rash under her neck because of her drool and this has truly helped it from spreading and the discoloration from getting worse. Pampers Brand Diapers with the wetness indicator

Paparazzi Got Me!

My Favorite Pics from this Month:

Gracia at Howard seated at the marker for her Great Great Grandmother at the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Plot.

Gracia’s “posed” smile

She loves to attack mommy’s face!

And when she is not feeling well, there will be no smiles.

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