Easter Sunday & Another Birthday Party

Gracia attended her second birthday party ever on this past Saturday. It was for the son of one of our good friends who was turning one years old.
Within our circle of married friends, three of us each had our first children fairly close to each other. As you see, Gracie is the only girl among the baby’s.

Gracia was this close to sleeping through the party, poor thing, but eventually I woke her up and she was such a good girl and had fun with her “aunties” and “uncles”.
On Easter Sunday, I was able to find Gracia a cute little outfit complete with a homemade bow and dress shoes that she can’t kick off. If that was not a blessing within itself. Now I know that the dress shoes with the elastic strap are a no-go but Velcro straps across her foot can not be undone!

We had a mini-photo shoot so we could send pictures to her grandparents.

Here is a close up of her homemade bow.

I made this bow way before I conceived. I just knew that I wanted little girls and I was blessed to get one. I love making bows and overaccessorizing little kids, especially for special occasions.

We went to church with daddy which I love because he is the Pastor of Worship there. So he chooses the set design each Sunday. I love that they have a replica of the tomb on Easter Sunday. It makes me feel like we are having Resurrection Service at the foot of the cross.
Never mind my flats, Gracie decided that Easter Sunday would be the Sunday where she would want to talk loudly in church for the first time. That’s not a good look when I am usually seated with her in the pulpit with the rest of the Elders. I had to take her out the sanctuary and walk around with her so I missed most of the service once she woke up and so.. flats it is. I am hoping that was not going to be the start of how she plans to be in church from now on.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter/Resurrection Sunday!post signature

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