The White House Easter Egg Roll Expierience

We were fortunate to get tickets to attend The White House Easter Egg Roll this year. I knew that my daughter may be a bit young, but I also knew that I wasn’t sure when the opportunity would present itself for us to be able to go again. After doing a bit of research online of other people’s experiences, I felt like I was prepared with enough information to be able to enjoy it. I am going to share my experience so that others who might be going for the first time, or just for those who are curious would know what to expect.
First, we were given tickets for Group A, which was a 7:30am to 9:30am time slot. Getting my 4 month old up and dressed in order to be at The White House on time, proved to be pretty good that morning. We watched the morning news and checked the weather and noticed that it was going to be a little chilly so it would be appropriate to dress in layers. Also because the Egg Roll is geared more towards physical activities for the kids, we knew that this was not the event to wear your Sunday best to, but rather a nice little casual outfit that you wouldn’t mind sitting in the grass if you had to.
Gracie has on her wonderful Easter Monday attire, complete with bunny ears. I was given a tip that media outlets look for little cute kids in “costume” like attire to take pictures of.
They were right too because a few photogs asked for close up pictures of my daughter and of course we received several compliments on how cute she looked.
We arrived at the grounds of the White House at about 7:45am once we parked. Garage parking was the way to go. We tried to find street parking but that is nearly impossible when you have 2000-4000 people converging at once to a location not to mention, its not a holiday so you also have those persons who are at work that day looking for parking spaces as well.
Arriving about 15 minutes after the time where they let people in was THE BEST thing to do. You bypass standing in line forever waiting for the doors to open. We literally walked right up to the metal detectors and was let right in. Those with children, TIP #1 – You can bring your stroller. Do so, there will be a lot of ground to cover. Also, umbrella stroller is not the way to go. You need something that will handle rugged terrain (ie. hills and plush grass).
There are really nice trailers that have bathroom stalls and even a diaper changing station for your needs, so no fear! Because I kid you not – thought I would have to change her in her stroller before I knew.

 As soon as you come in, there are nice volunteers along the way to give out free little tattoos for your little one. You keep on the path and pick up your choice of your free Coca Cola sponsored beverage (juices, waters and energy drinks only). Now there is no food served but of course you are able to bring small sealed snacks in the baby bag because outside food isn’t allowed.

So even though we were about 15-20 mins late, everyone was already let on the grounds. There were lots of people, but there were was plenty of space where it never felt overcrowded.

We walked and made our way to get as close as we could to The White House. It was the first time that either one of us had ever been that close.
As we made our way, I was telling my daughter that we were where her President lives. (as if she understood me) but it was a great moment.
We were able to take pictures with some of the popular characters that were there. All of these characters that were in movies that we have taken her to see or have watched ourselves.
Since she was not yet able to participate in the physical activities like, tennis, football, they even had Yoga for the kids and of course the Egg Roll, she was able to see the characters and we were able to take her to Storytime where books were read by kid celebrities, like the characters from Yo Gabba Gabba.

We were able to take her to the soundstage where Sesame Street characters were performing songs and getting the kids moving. This was great because Gracie watches Sesame Street every morning!

Mostly because the kids would not be able to see behind the standing adults, most of the kids were being held while we danced with our kids.


 My daughter’s favorite character turned out to be Sophia the First.
I waited to take a picture with Sophia, who by the way was actually spotted by my husband who quickly felt ashamed that he knew who she was on sight. But hey, he is the one who gets Gracie ready for daycare in the morning when her show is on.

 As soon as I walked her up to Sophia she leaned all the way back so she could get a better look and started talking to Sophia. It was too cute.

Needless to say, we had a ball! It was definitely fun for all ages and I would take her again if I have the chance.


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One thought on “The White House Easter Egg Roll Expierience

  1. Faith says:

    Gracia is so beautiful! I would have been one of the “photographers” asking to take her picture 🙂

    And what a great event to attend! I love how you guys do all these great things!
    Glad y'all had a great time.


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