Gracia’s Five Months Old

How Big Am I?


Well my guess was almost spot on last month – Gracia is 17.5lbs and 26 inches tall. She is the 90th percentile. She has come a long way from the 4th percentile that she started in. 



She is still keeping up with being true to size wearing clothes sizes 3-6 months. Due to her thickum thighs, she can no longer wear 3 months bottoms. She has to wear 6-9 months sized bottoms. She is also wearing a size 1 shoe. The bulk of her wardrobe is still Carter’s but I am now branching out to other brands these days, now that I feel like she is fitting clothes that are the norm. 

What’s My Routine?


Her routine has not changed much – she still goes to daycare three days a week. Although this past week she was at daycare five day a week. We haven’t been able to shave much time off of getting out the house when she is in tow but we pretty much have a pretty good system on getting out the house no matter how long it takes. 

Specifically on Sundays, I have to get up two hours before I have to be at church. I give her a bottle so that she can feed herself, while I get in the shower, do my hair and make up. She is the last person to get dressed because I am afraid that she will drool, spit up or have a blow out in her diaper before we get out the house, which has happened before. 
These days she just wants to eat everything including her dress. 


We have began to feed Gracie vegetables in addition to her Similac Advanced. 

I have learned that she does not like Green Vegetables at all but loves her Orange veggies. She has had squash, sweet potatoes, peas, rice and oatmeal cereal. 


We tried to get Gracia to her own bed within our room, but after a few nights of doing so well, she caught a cold – or so we thought. Definitely an increase in sneezing and snot, so back to our bed she goes for now. When we took her to the doctor, she said it was a result of allergies and not a cold. We have been told to give her Benadryl and to watch her. So we have been doing that. That messed up the great sleep pattern that we had going of sleeping through the night. We are now back to getting up once a night around 2-3 am to eat. 
We have also switched to overnight diapers so that instead of feeding then changing her, we can just give her a bottle and she can go back to sleep.

What Milestones Have I Hit?

I have eaten my first foods this month

I can hold my own bottle with ease

I love to give kisses to mommy and daddy
I am also teething and may have one tooth trying to push through
and I am trying to sit up from a laying down position on my own. 


Gracia’s Went To The White House for the Easter Egg Roll

Gracia Went to the Movies –
She has seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Gracia’s First Easter-
and Gracia is getting her ears pierced on Thursday

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Baby Gear/ Toys: 

Sophie makes the list again. Now that she is teething, this has become her best friend!

Paparazzi Got Me!

My Favorite Pics from this Month:

It’s my 10th year anniversary of graduating from Howard University. Gracie was helping me celebrate.

My sister and my daughters godmother got a chance to come down from NYC and was able to see how Gracia’s personality has truly developed.
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One thought on “Gracia’s Five Months Old

  1. Cece says:

    Gracia went to the white house and I haven't? I'm jealous!! Glad you are all setting into a comfortable routine. it really is amazing that she's feeding herself.


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