My Very First Mother’s Day

Sunday was my very first Mother’s Day… ever. (Here is where I had to pause for a good hour before I could even get this post together because my daughter has needed two baths due to poo explosions… whew so happy to be a mom *sarcasm is strong in that sentence right about now*)
… so where was I.. 
Yes, Sunday was my first Mother’s Day ever. 
For once, as people who are being so kind as to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to every woman they pass on that day, could say “Happy Mother’s Day” to me and I wouldn’t have to say “I am not a mother yet, but thank you anyway” or take it and on the inside know that its not really true to me, but they didn’t need to know that. 
This Mother’s Day was different. Reflecting on all the things that I do for my daughter, caused me to reflect on just how much my mother does for me and my daughter. It also further solidifies that no matter how old you get, you will always need your mother. Not even marriage or becoming a mother yourself will stop that need for your mother. My mother is absolutely amazing! I can not say it enough. Boy if I didn’t feel like I should’ve taken more notes on just how to do it all… I hope she knows (as I am sure she does) that every single day I wish I could pay her back for all that she has done for me. Everything that I wrote about her here still rings very true.
Mother’s Day used to be tough for my husband as well. He lost his mother fifteen years ago and still thinks about her daily. 
He said this year was different because for once instead of being depressed on this day, he could find joy because he sees so much of his mother in our daughter. 
I absolutely agree. 
She is her daddy’s twin but may have my eyes. The jury is still out on whether or not she has any part of me. LOL. 
I am so very thankful for the very person that can call me Mommy. She has been truly the love of our lives. We learn each day to see the world through her young learning eyes. She can’t say a single thing but its funny how you know that she absolutely loves us. 
My husband made sure that my first Mother’s Day was absolutely wonderful. 

He took me to the restaurant where we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. It’s ironic because the last time that we were there, I was pregnant. This time, she is here “dining” with us. She was fed before we got there so that she would be content playing with her toys while we ate a beautiful three course meal. 

Can we say yum?! I can not turn down a Rack of Lamb no matter how hard I try.
Everything was absolutely delicious! 
The best part about this restaurant is the view of lakes and trees. They also have these huge Koi fish in a Koi pond and waterfalls. It was such a lovely day that we had to go outside and enjoy it. 
Of course when there is good weather it means … impromptu photo shoot. 

I talk to her often and tell her how much I love her. She may not remember or understand but just in case she does, I always want her to know it.

My little BIG baby… My five month old looking like an almost one year old. 

My husband was able to capture these moments. I am going to love looking back at this day as she gets older – my little diva princess. 
We were so stuffed and sleepy that we went home and despite an offer to attend a free concert with Gladys Knight, Marvin Sapp, James Fortune and others.. we opted for the nap. Didn’t even wake up until late that night. Best present ever… REST.
This morning I woke up and asked the hubby to make me breakfast in bed, just like his Bishop said he should. 
Gracie pretty much sums up his reaction best.
Now, to give you a glimpse into what being a mommy to this happy baby is like…
Sunday mornings are usually the time where I can get a quick picture to send to my mother for “weekly Gracie photo”.
It used to be so simple – sit her up in the bed or the couch and snap a few pics while she smiles (because yes she recognizes the camera phone because I have been stalking her since birth) LOL. 

Well now she is more mobile, so I just have to snap away while she does whatever it is that she wants and pray that I get at least a few good ones to send. 
This is pretty much how a Gracie photo shoot goes these days. 

Hope that all the Mothers, Soon to be Mothers, those that are Mother figures, the not yet Mothers and all those who just have a nurturing spirit had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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