My Infant Daughter’s Natural Hair Care Routine

Hair is very important. The maintenance of my natural hair has pretty much taken over the last ten years of my life, which is how long its been since I decided to go Relaxer free. I remember sitting in the kitchen as a child getting my hair hot combed and then spending the majority of the day in the hair salon getting relaxers at a young age and having it in my hair until it itched or burned. I always said that what I know now about how to maintain natural hair will be helpful if I have a daughter because as long as I have a say, she will never get a relaxer. 
My Friend Rekita, wrote a post about how she maintains her daughter’s hair.Her beautiful daughter has a hair care routine even though she has little hair. I think its the cutest thing to see her with rollers in her hair. And just like we all have different hair care routines for our different types of hair, I thought I would share how I maintain my daughter’s hair, which is the complete opposite of Rekita’s daughters hair. 
My daughter was born with a head full of hair. Something that shocked me and the doctor who said that she thought my daughter would not have a lot of hair based on her sonogram. 

When she was this little, she would get her hair wiped down during bath time and then Vaseline in the hair was good enough to get it back to laying down. 
By two month old, her hair was growing even more than I knew what to do with because she was so little. However, a quick wipe down and vaseline was not cutting it anymore. 
Now she was getting a wipe down with her Aveno wash and shampoo and then ORS Coconut Oil.
I didn’t want to add to many chemicals or anything to her hair at the time, but her hair was getting dry. The front and back was one texture and some where in the middle where she would have her head on her car seat or slept on was beginning to turn into a thicker texture. 
My daughters hair has the tightest coil that I have seen on a five month old. 
I can’t put heat on it or stretch it like my own head but I have to keep it moisturized or I fear it may loc up. 
These days not only is it long, however tightly curled, it is also very thick. You have to comb it in sections. Usually I wait until she is eating where I can sit her in her high chair just so I can comb her hair without much fussiness from the little one. 
So now I use Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Super Softening Hair Butter. It definitely keeps her hair moisturized and it keeps it from tangling and breaking off as well. 
What do you do with your infants hair?

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3 thoughts on “My Infant Daughter’s Natural Hair Care Routine

  1. Rekita | Her + Nicole says:

    that's so amazing how hair grows and what you have to do to maintain it. My oldest son and now my daughter, practically had no hair. As my son grew older, I noticed he had fine curly hair. My husband cuts it off though. So I am thinking Carmyn will have the same texture. Chris however had a head full of hair when he was born, and I have to put different things on his hair.

    You know what else is amazing? how fast our daughters are growing! OMG, I kinda want my newborn back! : ((


  2. Faith says:

    If I ever have a daughter I'm telling her she can't get a relaxer, lol. I wish I listen to my mom so hopefully mine would listen to me, lol.

    I love that you have a hair routine for her. I think it is so important and it helps because I feel growing up my mom was overwhelmed with me and my sister's hair which resulted in us getting relaxers without her blessing.


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