Gracia’s Baptism and BBQ

This past Sunday, our daughter was offered back to God through Baptism by water.

My mother, the Bishop baptized my daughter along with the help of my Senior Pastor and god brother at my home church. 
We decided that we would Baptize her in the A.M.E. tradition and then do a Naming Ceremony, which is in line with the African Tradition. This ceremony is inclusive of the congregation and gives the village a responsibility. She was surrounded by her family and was given gifts in the ceremony by her godparents just as African princesses would’ve been given. Gracia was given her first Pandora bracelet and diamond earrings from her godparents.
My Pastor and My Mother
As she was named she was held in the air by her father a la Lion King. 
Afterwards, we had a BBQ at our home to celebrate the glorious occasion. 
We had a “couture” Minnie Mouse theme for this occasion. 
Now, to be honest, I decided on this theme within the 12th hour and spent a few hours trying to glue, paint and tape things together for her BBQ. 
Here are one of the centerpieces that I put together. 
I hand painted little buttons on the red bowls to mimic Mickey Mouse’s pants and made additional Minnie Mouse’ decorations using whiffle balls and some glitter. 
We had a dessert bar including Red Velvet Minnie Mouse cupcakes. 
A Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Bar with every topping you could think of for your Hot Dogs and Bratwurst. 
We had a house full of people, my husband was on the grill all afternoon whipping up some mighty thick burgers, chicken and hot dogs. He did his thing. 

Everyone brought their kids and we really had a good time. I think this was the first time where we had a cookout at our home with so many children. I guess this is what our life now looks like, now that we have a chid. 

Thanks so much to our village for coming to celebrate with us. 

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4 thoughts on “Gracia’s Baptism and BBQ

  1. Highly Favored says:

    Congratulations to your family and Gracia. I love Empowerment Temple pastor Jamal Bryant!!! Iookforward to watching his broadcast every week. I've been to Empowerment Temple a few times too…..small world


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