So Where Do I Begin? : Time Flies when You are having Fun!

Last we left off, Gracia was turning 6 months old. She was still on trend wearing 6 months sizes and was in the 80-90th percentiles for her weight and height. 
Her personality was beginning to show more and more- we enjoyed a wonderful summer spending several weekends dockside on the Bay. We love to eat Crabs in the Maryland area. As long as there are steamed crabs it will always bring out big smiles from us!
Notice that patch on my arm? Yeah – it was around this time that I decided to do something about my energy levels and overall health. 
I was feeling completely rundown and with Gracie now learning to crawl, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I did some research and decided to start Thriving. I will post specifically as to what it has done for me because it has been AMAZING a little later – but if you just want to know what I am talking about check out my site at 
Anywho, Gracia started crawling at 7 months and began to sit up on her own so much more. As she began crawling, we introduced her to shoes that would help her crawl, pull up and walk. 
Gracia was wearing a size 2 infant. In clothes she was a 6-9 months. 

Gracia starts to learn more words – Dada of course is her favorite. I had been trying to get her to say Mama but she is not having it. She says “mwah” when she gives kisses. Of course she has her own baby language. She says “Ut oh!” when she falls on her butt. She can also so Bye Bye. She just recently started saying “Mama” but thats because she also most recently started getting told “Stop” and “No no!” a lot more. 

At 8 months, I started a natural haircare routine because her hair was getting so long. She also went through a growth spurt around this time. We kind of bypassed 9 month clothes and went straight into 12-18 month sized clothes. 
My little fashionista and I have been enjoying her coming into her own. 
Lately, Gracia has been teething which has meant an abundance of drool which lead to double ear infections. She has learned how to pull up on things to stand and is standing on her own for a few seconds at a time. 
With her being able to cruise, she has been able to get into more and more things – this is the door to her playroom that she started to bang on it for fun and play with the door stoppers – oh what fun to my ears!
September means Birthday for Amos and I and Gracia turns 9 months old. 
It also meant that Gracia had pink eye and another trip to the doctor. 
Amos’ Birthday is first and we celebrated with a few balloons and sweet surprises at work. 
I also realized just how much Gracia looks like her daddy when he was just about her age. What do you think? 
My cute little princess is definitely learning the art of posing on the stairs. LOL 
But she is getting so big so fast that I really can’t believe it. 
This was on my birthday! Miss Personality was at it again – ready to pose for Mommy (or at least talk while I snap away).
We have truly enjoyed watching her grow. Her height and weight slowed up – so I guess her growth spurt is slowing down. 
She has started to eat solids. The Plum Organics are our usual go to for every meal but her pediatrician said to try Tofu and additional proteins. I am all for health eating and better choices for Gracia because I know it will spill over into our diet. 
This particular night I was cooking Quinoa and Sweet Potatoes for Gracia and Black Beans for us to go with some rice. 
Needless to say THIS is how she really felt about that Tofu and Quinoa. She would prefer to order out! LOL. But nope she has far from table food for now – she has a thing with textured foods and also doesn’t like water or even watered down juice. She has zero interest in a sippy cup as well. 

She does on the other hand LOVE Gerber snacks. 
We took an impromptu vacation to Vegas and she was watched by her Aunt. We came back and she was addicted to Yogurt Melts. 
I mean a full out tantrum was had if she ran out of them… 
This was less than a minute later – she was so content just holding the package. 
We are training her up the right way to go – She is a die hard Ravens fan like her parents. 

Of course, she is mommy’s favorite shopping buddy. If I can just get her to stop eating the handles on the carts. Of course, I am the mom that forgets the two shopping cart covers that I own. 
She has even let mommy twist her hair while she sat up like a big girl. 
She is becoming such a big girl… I am thoroughly enjoying seeing the world through her eyes. 

Thank the Lord we got her out of our bed because we used to wake up to her shaking us like this!

This is just what we have been up to over the last couple of months. 
Gracia is now 22 lbs and 28.25 inches long and on her way to 10 months.

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2 thoughts on “So Where Do I Begin? : Time Flies when You are having Fun!

  1. Cece says:

    I just tried those yogurt melts the other day. My friend has them in her bag of tricks for her baby. They have a really weird texture and taste just okay to my adult taste buds but; yeah-guess kids love 'em. That baby cheerleading outfit is so cute!!


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