1st Party Planning.. Woes.

I am a professional event planner despite not really working in that area in my life at the moment – not taking any recent clients to focus on other areas… however, I have never been more intimidated/excited to plan my daughters 1st Birthday Party. I mean, I planned my wedding which was over 500 guests and 250 at the reception with handmade, boxed, triple layer invitations made by yours truly and yet – I am quite intimidated by the planning of my daughters first birthday. Why? you may ask? Pinterest!Gosh – there are some wealthy, crafty, awesome rock star party planning moms out there and I have never hosted a children’s party before so as you can imagine – ALL of the things that I have thought of before I went to Pinterest have maximized in size greatly and the sheer amount of work to be done has kind of halted my progress instead of steadily working on projects the whole time. So, she is Turning One and I am planning a Sofia the First Birthday Party

It is her favorite cartoon on Disney Junior and the first character that she started talking to when we went to The White House Easter Egg Roll. 

I am hosting a small gathering at my moms house and have decided to recreate some scenes from some of MY favorite episodes. LOL (yes, I love Sofia the First too!)
I was able to find someone via Etsy who was able to recreate the logo but add my daughters name to it and it has become the official logo of her party. 
I have created a Pinterest Board and it has a ton of stuff that I am STILL trying to get to finish before the Party on Sunday. 
and I learned how to make my own Chalkboard sign featuring her 1st year updates
among other signs for the Party
So far the only other thing that I have been able to complete is at least half of the red tissue paper roses that I am going to use behind the buffet to recreate the Enchanted Feast scene where the room was engulfed in roses. Needless to say, I can’t wait until her Aunts and my Parents get in town because I need all of the help I can get in order to finish this huge project.
I still have all the printables to print out and signs to assemble, balloons to blow up, center pieces to create let alone get her ready. 
Oh, and the one unique thing I decided to do since her birthday is so close to Christmas was to create a Birthday tree covered in Sofia the First plush characters. 
I think I will be ready – Are you praying for me?
I will recap as soon as I can. 

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