Catching Up : We have been Snowed IN!

Winter is here and we are fighting the winter blues. With Gracia turning one she is exploring a whole new toddler world and we are completely playing catch up. It makes it so hard to blog these days and thats fine because if I am not here, I am playing, teaching and enjoying raising Gracia with Amos. 
Trust me, she is observant and learning EVERYTHING!
She sees me pull out my laptop – because I am writing and finishing my first book (another reason why I have been absent from the blog) and here she comes to chat and catch up with mommy with her baby laptop as well.
Most of the days that I don’t get a chance to catch up here, I am about that Manuscript Life. I can’t really say what I am writing about in this moment, but I do promise to come and talk about it later once I feel that I am near complete. It is something that I have been putting off putting down on paper for years! I felt compelled to finally get it started and prayerfully completed soon. 

One of the things that have plagued Gracia’s first year has been double ear infections. 
Every other month, we have been to her doctor’s office for what we think are going to be well visits and every time she has a double ear infection. 
After the third one, the doctor refers you to a specialist because they can affect her speech and hearing if we do not treat them or prevent them. 
So it was time to get tubes put in her ears. This was at the visit before her surgery because of course, in the waiting time between the consultation and the surgery she got another ear infection.

She had her surgery first thing at the crack of dawn at the Georgetown Hospital. Even though it was a quick outpatient surgery, there is nothing like having to dress your baby in mini scrubs and having to lay her on a table as she is put to sleep. I hated every single moment of it. EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.

We kept each other company and helped each others nerves although I doubt we calmed each other down. Every time the Pediatric Ward door opened we both looked up to see if they were bringing our baby girl back. God knows it could be worse and we are so thankful that it is not! 

She slept off the rest of the anesthesia in the car and had no other side effects from it. By the time she woke up from her nap she was all smiles and ready to eat and ready to play!
She bounced back so quick. 
She even began talking more and copying words that she heard – it was almost immediate that we noticed a mark difference in her speech and her hearing. 
Our little Poodah is now thriving! 
She has mastered picking up food – and keeping it on her tray. The biggest struggle was to get her to drink from a sippy cup. She was so disappointed that I kept giving her a cup and not a bottle. She had a huge melt down every single time and then one day she just didn’t mind as much.

She is eating her chicken, green beans and plantains while mom makes spicy Gumbo to keep us warm during all this snow. 
Can I just say how much I am tired of the snow?

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One thought on “Catching Up : We have been Snowed IN!

  1. Carissa G says:

    Aww Emma has tubes also, and we are prepping for another set now actually waiting on a Surgery Date…sugery for little ones suck! I hate the entire process too! Glad to see you back and read your updates…cant wait to hear more about your book!!!


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