Mommy and Toddler Natural Hair Care

Let’s Talk about Hair!
Natural Hair seems like a trend but I just think that the understanding of how to care for Natural hair has become more popular these days. When I speak about Natural hair I am just talking about the fact that my hair does not have any chemicals, specifically Lye in it whatsoever. 
I did without relaxers back when it was not popular and not even intentionally. 
Back in 2007 when I lived in Chicago, I got into a car accident that injured my shoulder and caused me to have to get physical therapy. My hair was cut short into a tapered bob then and I couldn’t raise my arm to maintain my hair. So I got a weave so that I would not have to do much to it until my arm was healed. 
Then my logic kicked in – there was no reason to put a relaxer in my whole head just to continue to weave it. SO, I stopped. 
Then I realized once my roots grew in that my natural hair actually gets pretty straight just by tugging on it and pressing it one good time – there was no real need for relaxers. 
Luckily, in 2015 – there are more blogs and information, products galore for natural, non-relaxed hair. Boy am I excited!!!
It helps me in my decision to not relax Gracia’s hair ever and hopefully instill in her a pride of her hair so that she will never want to do the same once she gets older. 
I think it helps that although she is one, she sees me looking just like her. 
The weekends mean that its time to get our hair washing routine on.. 
After much trial and error – I have discovered that the best method to keep Gracia’s hair thick and growing especially on her edges is the L.O.C. method. 
The products that I love so far for this on her hair, which by the way are about three different textures, are these pictured. 
(not pictured: shea moisture conditioner and water mixed, pictured: Taliah Waajid for kids, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which helps hair grow in and Lotta Body Coconut and Shea Oil Curl and Style Milk). 
Use these ingredients in this order, chunky twists and shower cap for natural heat to seal in the moisture because she is too young for a steam treatment. 
I was able to figure out a few of these products from subscribing to Curl Box as a Christmas present to myself. Plus it does save money because its about $25 for 5-6 full sized products that usually cost about $17-$20 each.
And you know who loves it too!
For my hair – I use a Max Hydration Method that I read about. 
This is for Type 4 hair – now hair typing is a whole OTHER beast however – if you have “African American” textured hair 9 times out of 10 you have a version of Type 4 hair. Heck, if you have dry hair THIS method will work for you. 
Based on the chart above, these are some of the products that you can use. I don’t use all of these in one sitting but I use one of each type for each step.
I didn’t like Kinky Curly on my hair so I used Shea Moisture Gel however, I am not loving that one yet either so we shall see how it goes as I am still searching.
I start with my hair in a dry state. Its usually the remnant of whatever style I had that week. 
After doing the Max Hydration Method is when I get the chance to see my natural curl. So umm, yeah I am still trying to love it because truth – I hate the fact that my natural curl pattern makes me look like I have a Jheri curl pattern and that the strands are so thin, but hey – I just started this method so we shall see how it goes. 
Sadly, the shrinkage on wet curly hair is real! My hair touches my collar bone when its dry, not so much when its wet. 
Using a Denman brush definitely helps me define the coils versus the larger, thinner coils that first appear after the Max Hydration Method.

With the use of castor oil and other moisturizing products, you can see that my edges have grown in. Can I just tell you that I am excited.  Well HELLO edges!
My favorite styles so far are crochet hair styles, which I have done on myself and my family and friends this winter…  
and Bantu knots to curl my hair without heat. 
Unravel them and pinned on one side and I am good to go!

Are you natural and what are your favorite products?

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