Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

Our daughter Gracia is now 15 months old. She started walking around 11 months old, closer to her first birthday and has not looked back since! When she started walking we noticed that it appeared that she may be pigeon toed, which is not too far fetched since I was as an infant. The initial focus as she was learning was finding shoes that would strengthen her ankles. Then as she would begin to fall and attempt to pick herself up, we noticed that the more flexible sole would assist her better in being able to get back up on her own. 
We looked for shoes with no laces and still do since she has a new found fascination with her feet. Nothing like having to worry about her tripping over her laces when she was already tripping over air. In my search, I began to follow some brands on Instagram to consider. 
An opportunity came to collaborate with Freshly Picked and I couldn’t have been more excited to try these Moccasins out. They were so cute and fit all of our shoe must haves. 
I chose the Salt Water Taffy color, which I would describe as the perfect lilac color. When I opened the box, I inspected the shoes and noticed they had elastic that was perfectly hidden under the leather that would allow for me to not have to struggle to get the shoe on Gracia’s foot but not too loose that she could figure out how to rip it off her foot and lose it some where. 

Gracia’s feet measure at about 5.45″ so we chose a size 5 for her. Freshly Picked makes it really easy to figure out what size shoe is best for your child with their easy to read sizing chart. I knew that she would have some room for her feet to move and for her to grow into over the spring. Interestingly enough she hadn’t had a growth spurt in her feet – that is until recently. 

This would be her first time walking in soft sole shoes so I was intrigued to see how she would respond. I actually anticipated her walking around like she had on swim flippers for some reason, wondering what it was that I had put on her feet. I let her get familiar first just so that she would understand that they are shoes and go on her feet. 
We put them on her and took her outside. Time to break these bad boys in!
Now my initial guess was that with all the running and tumbling on the cement it would mean that she was going to scuff up her new shoes. Mind you, I have had to return shoes that had gotten destroyed after first wear and that was when she wasn’t even walking. So I held my breath as we went outside to play on the first warm day of Spring for our area. 

After a while, chasing her up and down the side walk became a game to her.
She LOVED them. Thats all a mother really wants to know is if this child who is so picky will keep these shoes on her feet and will she be able to truly play and have a good time in them. The best part about them is …. THEY STAYED ON HER FEET! 
I wasn’t chasing behind her picking up shoes and trying to put them back on so that she could continue playing. We try our best to avoid “reasons why she’s crying” moments. I have picked her up from daycare with just her socks on because the shoes I sent her in were too heavy. 

Now came time to go back inside and I was hoping that she hadn’t done so much damage on the cement and her running around that I wouldn’t want to put them back on her. 
Much to my surprise the bottoms of her soles were next to perfect!
I honestly thought she was scuffing all the beautiful color and logo off the bottoms and that these wouldn’t be a great play shoe. 

This is what they looked like once I took them off of her when we came inside

I can honestly say, that after this being our first time trying Freshly Picked moccasins, I would highly recommend them. The wear and tear is great. The color selection is even more fabulous! Our fashion style is focused more on dressing her in complimentary colors versus matching colors. They have a wide range of colors that fit right into a kids wardrobe because they aren’t so busy and can go with everything.
I was impressed.  Absolutely.  And the best part is … Gracia loves them!
We were able to giveaway a pair to one of our readers and hopefully we will be able to do it again in the future so that you can experience them as well. Until then, head over to their website and check out their latest clothing and shoe lines. You will not be disappointed. 
Special thanks to Iris Mannings for capturing our moments yet again! 

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