Easter and Egg Rolls

Easter has come and gone and I am just about to tell you all about how it was… (I would insert an apology for being away so long right about here, but then I realized – hey you’re one person who works, is a wife a mommy to a toddler and then some and its just a blog and its yours so carry on). This was my baby girl’s first Easter where she would be walking. Her first Toddler sized Easter and boy was I excited. I knew that I wanted to go all out as far as Traditional. I searched high and low and purchased options even. In the end I settled on this outfit which she loved! Complete with hat, pearls, ruffle socks and white patent leather shoes. 

I absolutely am loving the toddler years! She has a few words but can totally communicate and express what she wants and its so much fun to see her little personality blossoming. She is one who is absolutely happy all the time but grumpy when she is sick.
She kept her hat on for most of the day but took it off towards the end of church. I had cornrowed her hair straight back just so her hats would sit on her head just right. One thing about Gracie, she is truly her daddy’s child. She knows what a microphone is for and loves to sing.
No surprise here – With her bottle in one hand and microphone in the other at age one – trust me I am saving this picture for when she gets older so that she can see how she was as a child.

 Its so crazy how much she has grown from last year when we took our annual picture in front of the HUGE tomb feature that my husbands church has on Easter. 
In regards to weight loss which was one of the things that I was working on- I was even scared to try this dress on in the store and kept milling about it because it was a size smaller than I am used to wearing on a good day and my husband just shouted for me to try it on already. I was SO happy when it fit and with ease. Its so good to know that gradually I am coming back down to my goal weight – I want to be curvy fit just to make that very clear. LOL. 
 We had reservations for Easter Brunch at the Golf Clubhouse and they had a small Easter Egg hunt for the kids in attendance. This was Gracie’s first Easter Egg Hunt and she did so good.  She doesn’t really get the concept of gather as many as you can but she got enough to look at and would say “Ooo” when she spotted another one.

She didnt want to come back to where we were to take a family picture because she was afraid that we were going to take her Easter Eggs from her. 

Daddy was trying to show her how to Hula Hoop…. that was clearly short lived.
He enjoyed it though. LOL

The next morning the whole family was off to the White House for this years Easter Egg Roll.
We were so fortunate to be able to go again this year and this time we were able to go with our Parents which made it all the more memorable.
Here is mom dukes and Gracie..
Mind you this day started off rather cool and turned into a rather hot day, so some of these layers definitely came off baby girl.
From here on out its pretty self explanatory – We did have such a great time on the lawn of the White House. She really isn’t of age to participate in the crafts and games but she enjoyed the stage performances and seeing all of her favorite characters.

She was way past her nap time out there and the only thing that kept her calm was holding these two eggs that she got from this booth that shows where eggs come from and how you get them at the store. There was no way that you could take those from her if you tried.
Exhibit A: We were on the way home and she fell asleep and see where those eggs are – still in her hands..

In the month of April, Gracie turned 16 months old.  It trips me out the amount of non-children having people, particularly the men that I work with,  tell me about counting the months after one years old, however as a parent or person who works closely with Toddler you will know that there is a huge difference in understanding and the milestones therefore expectations when you are dealing with a 12 month old and a 16 month old. 
So, Happy 16 Months Boo Boo.

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