Is this thing on?

I can honestly say that I took a moment to adjust to life, moving, mommying and all that Jazz.

However, getting back to this has been on my heart for a good while. So here I am. Reset.

I don’t have much to catch you up on. However, I have much I want to share. It’s funny how life is ironic in that way.

So here I am, 36 years old… 4 years later… still trying to have another baby.

I will admit, I never thought conceiving and having children would be a task for me, actually I thought it would be quite the opposite where I thought people would always ask me when am I NOT going to have a child. However, here I am, a person who trusted the doctor who delivered my daughter, who said I was now cured from infertility and that now that I have had one, I would get pregnant much easier. FOUR years later, nope Doc.

HOWEVER, I have enjoyed life and loved discovering who my daughter is and trying to become without being stretched too far.

I had several who knew me come to me and say that they miss my pregnancy blogs– well guess what? I’M BACK (I hope). LOL.

This time because of age, time and what not, the approach is slightly different. We still do not know what God will allow however, we are praying he blesses us with at least one sibling for Gracie but we’ll take more, why not.

As a 35 and over chick trying to conceive, let’s just say there are a lot more tests and a lot more same old, same old. Much of this I would not wish on anyone. It’s having three doctors who consult about the best plan. It’s OBGYN shopping because you don’t have time to waste on the ones who want to wait and see or don’t take your desire to conceive seriously enough that they just provide Clomid at your first complaint without even running a single test…

I have found a crew of doctors I am happy to say support me. I had to get me together first. I was suffering with pre-diabetes and did not know it. Pre meaning .5 on the blood work chart from being full blown diabetic (and I wondered why I couldn’t get pregnant). Then I had a terrible end of 2017, which now coming through to the other side, I can honestly say I was depressed but couldn’t really express how sad I was in order to support my family, until I ended up in the hospital thanks to my body no longer being able to take my internalized stress. I’m good now though.

So, this go round, I have 30-something year old friends who are also trying to have babies as well. So for the first time, I legit don’t feel alone in this. My crew (my besties from college) are finally getting married, and ready to start their families. I got married “young” in comparison to the rest of the women in my generation. And almost 8 years later, no regrets.

Because everyone is trying to get pregnant, we are literally trying everything we can find on the internet. So besides the Whole New You diet published by my fellow mid to late thirties cousin in my head (cause her folk are from the Bahamas just like mine) Tia Mowry Hardrict, we will be trying the following: the AVA woman bracelet (think Fitbit for fertility) and the Yoni Detox Pearls and Steaming. I may even add acupuncture in there because I have been dying to try it since massages really not appealing to me (blame the whole, I don’t wanna be touched part of my personality).

As I try these new things, I hope to blog how I really feel about the whole thing. Plus baby aside, the whole dietary change is something I hope I stick with. It started with Daniel fasting to pescatarian/vegetarian lifestyle and my body responded so well (read: no crazy bloating, indigestion and night sweats) that I really would hate to go back to the way I was eating.

Baby woes aside, Dallas has been kind – however, its not home just yet. I guess its true that it takes some time to get settled. We are approaching year two living here and I still don’t feel settled. But I do love the energy here and I feel like this is exactly where God wanted us.

My family needed this.

And, I finally got that job I was searching for and applied for a year ago. Getting adjusted to that has been a doozy!! I pray that it looks like I am holding it down because I feel like I am keeping my head above water (in regards to all of the assignments that are constantly on my plate). If were not for having that God connection, lemme tell you! However, I have truly understood what “peace that surpasses all understanding” definitely means in this season. It is so indescribable. I encourage you to seek and pray for that kind of peace if you are going through some dark times. I promise you, my husband and I are true witnesses. Peace is necessary.

AND, I pray I get to catch you up on the whole home buying, building, choosing finishes, etc. ALL OVER AGAIN. Real Soon. Y’all be blessed and enjoy the Grammys and I will holla at y’all later.


If you have never heard of the AVA Women bracelet and thinking about trying it, here’s a discount code for you. (Case Sensitive)

If you want my contact for the Yoni Detox Pearls, see my girl @GoddessDetox on Instagram

If you think any of things are sponsored, you are mistaken — just an old lady trying to have a baby 🙂