About Me

My name is Vashti-Jasmine yet, I go by Jasmine. I am a working mother and wife and entrepreneur who has extremely too much on my plate… so why not add blogging in the mix. If you think you have some crazy topics, try seeing life through the lens of a woman in transition of career paths, a former law enforcement officer combined with raising a very determined toddler all the while being married to a professional musician.
This blog was started to capture newlywedisms, buying and building our home, trying to start a family, maintain our sanity and everything in between. My husbands name is Amos and we used to live in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area, which is what people who live remotely near Washington, DC. Now we live in Dallas, Texas!! I LOVE to laugh, eat sushi, addicted to cooking shows and watch romantic comedies that no one has ever heard of on Netflix, so stick around for a while and say hi!
Email : Hellogmsunshine@gmail.com
Alternative Site: Vashti Jasmine
VashtiJasmine.blogspot.com (where it all began)
What you will find here:
When you read my blog, I like to think that you are reading thinking that we could be besties in real life. Typical days for me is waiting for the next time I can go to Target by myself and walk the aisles aimlessly holding a cup of Starbucks with my name misspelled. I talk about the random thoughts that are on every working mother’s mind- your children, work and the job search in my new city and my husband. I talk about events I have attended, products I love, tough decisions that I am making within my family and anything else that I believe in.
I have run some successful campaigns with Freshly Picked Moccasins, Tiny Prints and Nuby. Email me for media kit.

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