Monday’s Musings

Thought I would start off this day by sharing with you this pic… I thought it was so hilariously cute and I wish I knew whose kids they were so if anyone wants to tell me to give them the proper credit it would be appreciated. But … its how I feel today – I am working from home most Mondays but on this particular day, I am also nursing my sick husband who I think caught the same Stomach Flu that Hillary Clinton had. Its been an awful morning for him. He has just below 102 fever. Just pray its a 24-48 hour thing. Luckily, his Christmas Celebration at his church after three weeks is finally over.
Christmas Celebration at my husbands church ended last night, after three straight weekends. A Cast of over 200 people with live animals (Camels, Horses, Llamas, Sheep) and some of the best in Gospel Music (Tye Tribbett, Mary Mary, Marvin Sapp, Bebe and Cece Winans, Wess Morgan and Kierra Sheard) we certainly had a ball!

I was everyone’s assistant – starting with administration and then designing the sweatsuits for the Hip Hop scene – but most of my time was spent as a Make Up Artist for the show. 
This was my world for three weekends straight- 

I honestly loved it! what more can I say …
So the show is over – what more can we do – Oh thats right… Play with the Costumes !

Tye decided it was the Angel Wings that he wanted to play in… 
I took on a more dramatic outfit – the one wore for Kierra to sing “Via Delarosa” 
Got the chance to get a quick pic with Mary Mary but the person taking this pic was laughing at Tye and it came out blurry – we were all giggly up there. Definitely on a sugar high from all the desserts that were offered.

Pastor Wess Morgan, who sings “I choose to Worship” also came for a few shows. 

So now that Christmas Celebration is over… what now ??
Well Easter Production Auditions start in just about three weeks. UGH
Have I gone Christmas shopping yet? Nope. Thankfully, we do not have a household of expecting children just yet because there would be no way Christmas would be children friendly this year. I was so unprepared for all the things that we had to do this month.
On top of that – I am now thinking about my goals for 2013 
Goals for my life – Goals for my Blog and how to capture all of these experiences of life for those who can relate or are just interested (ie: TTC ~unexplained infertility, home goods, weight loss, beauty/fashion, etc.)… it may change the shape of my blog, the design of my blog, the name of my blog, the focus of my blog, I am just not sure … but I guess thats what the end of the year always brings – self reflection. I am curious…. if you made it this far to the end of the post, what do you think?

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12/12/12 Blah Blah Blah

I know… you may be thinking “Where has she been?”
Ok, maybe I am the only one who noticed I haven’t really posted in a week.
Thats because during December there is always so much going on and at the same time, I feel so BLAH.
Especially Today.
I guess I thought 12/12/12 would be some magical experience, but nope.
I don’t know…
Maybe my energy level needs to be boosted like Buddy~
I can say that I have been busy doing Stage Make up for the Christmas Play again this past weekend and will have next weekend to do the same. And THAT has been really fun.. its not often that I get to do make up these days for other clients..
First I will test out a look that I may want to try on the cast – the first scene being 18th Century Costumes with bright colored eyeshadows for the ladies…
I was trying out some glitter lashes for this look… I actually liked it.
the downside – a cast of 200 with a 2hr window to get them full faced and ready for production. Talk about an assembly line for days.
When you finally get through everyone and hear that opening music begin, you definitely feel like my expression here…
But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. If you follow me on Instagram
Then you know that I definitely have a ball and find things to get into throughout the course of the day, like…
1. Playing with all the animals..
2. Making sure hubby doesn’t need any coffee or food during the course of the three shows – I think here he definitely needed a 5hr energy.
3. Sit in the Soundbooth as back-up Engineer and comment on all the hilarious parts of the play with friends
4. Take a break to eat and catch up with the guest artists for the shows.
5. Get Silly when we definitely are sleepy! After being there from 8:30am until 11pm.. silly things happen… like this.

Photobombing Photos that Guest Artists take with Fans
Laugh with Guest Artists, Mary Mary when they showed on Instagram their costumes for the show..
DIE of Laughter when Tye Tribbett tried on their hat…

Bebe Winans got in on the action..

And so did Marvin Sapp, who also sat and talked with us for a long while about LIFE
 We also got our Christmas Decorations together – so thats a success.
My husband went shopping with me for things to decorate the house with and I swear this was his reaction…
He was so excited to decorate for Christmas.. LOL
I crafted this Large Wreath for our Door and three smaller versions to hang on the front of our house..
And hubby lit up the whole side of the house.. this was before he completed. There is now a Candle in EVERY window and I think he said he was going to get more lights for two trees in our yard.

Certainly, can’t complain about the mild winter weather but it may also be contributing to my blah-ness especially since we stood outside with no coats on trying to get all this stuff on our house…mind you the whole time I keep freaking out because I keep hearing the animals in the woods.
I don’t know.
We did get our tree up also, but I am allergic to pine so even seeing a real tree kind of has me freaked out – even pine scented things.
Hope you are getting into the Christmas Spirit..
Maybe I need to take a Zicam and fight off this “cold” or something.

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Monday’s Musings: Christmas Celebration through Instagram

So, this weekend – The Christmas Celebration began at my husbands church. We had 5 shows this weekend of a two + hour production. Three of them were back to back. Lets just say that we are exhausted! AND we have to do the same thing for the next two weekends to come. 
The best part of Christmas Production for me is that while people are coming to enjoy it – there is so much going on behind the scenes that its really an experience like none other. 
Me and my new partner in crime, the Director of Make-Up and about 9 other make-up artists are doing make-up this year.

I LOVE the costumes that the Costume Dept of the church pull together – it really makes the production come to life. So call time is usually a good 3 hours prior to show – to set up and to get about 200+ cast members in full make up. 

Friday Night was Opening Night, also known as Noel Night – its the first full practice run for the cast and its a free show for the community. There were people EVERYWHERE! Even extra rows of seats added and people standing in the aisle way. 
Hubby, is like a one man team during this time – he produced the music, is the engineer for the show, also plays Live Keys and Organ .. full work-mode. 

Then there are fun moments during the play for me, when he has to run to the organ backstage so I get to play engineer during a brief moment in the production. 
After going to countless rehearsals, seeing it all come together is so worth all the hard work. 

Waiting in the Carriage pre-set for “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” – make up by moi
Backstage waiting for Mary Mary to escort them back to their Dressing Room
Mary Mary – “Tis the Season”

Kierra Sheard – “Indescribable” with the Aerialist

 One of my favorite parts of the Production is the Live Animals – it gets people every time they see Camels walk across the pulpit stage. I mean its amazing – Camels! and we are in the D.C. area?! crazy!

These Camels have been a part of the production for the last 22 years, so they are very people friendly.. 
So during Intermission, when I thought my husband went to go get some snacks, I see THIS pic. LOL he loves the Camels as much as I do and bumped into them in the hallway. 
After their scene, I was going to get my dinner and bumped into them on the other side – those necks are long – and no all camels don’t spit like crazy. I’ve never seen these do that although I honestly had a strong fear they would when I first met them. 
But I had to move fast cause they looked a little too interested in my food. Their handlers pulled that rope to keep his neck from peering around to be nosey.  LOL

After 5 shows within 3 days, this little can of sugar was my savior at times. I was exhausted!

Headed home at the end of the night, sitting in traffic just to do the same thing for the next two weekends… what fun! 
Hope you are having a great time preparing for Christmas…
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Friday’s Letters

My Throwback Thursday Photo – I think I am about 3 or 4 years old here?

Dear Younger Me, boy Mom really liked to dress us in table settings didn’t she? I asked her was this our pilgrim look and all she could say was “what? this was cute!” I beg to differ, but thats ok.. It was cute for the 80’s. Clearly we loved it. Well young lady, life gets pretty interesting but trust me – no regrets. Dear Hubby, its the opening night of the Christmas production. You haven’t gotten sleep in weeks, your stomach is acting crazy, you are getting hives out of no where but I do know that its all because you are so worried about it being perfect tonight. It will be great! It always is. And I will be right next to you in the Sound Booth to cheer you on. When the hip hop dance starts though, I may break out into random dancing though. Just thought I’d warn you. Dear Emotions, can you get yourself together forreal? 30 is great but you are making me seem like an emotional wreck lately. Is it the lack of sleep? normalcy in the house? what is it? Get it together! we are enjoying life – so let me carry on. Dear Homeless People of D.C. and Baltimore, thanks to some generous friends of my sister and her blog, we were able to raise over 300 coats for the winter season. I truly hope that you are blessed by the givers. Dear Christmas Tree, finally we have you home. Maybe one of these days (hopefully Monday) we can begin to put you up. I am allergic to pine so please be kind to me. Even fake trees sometimes give me the heebie jeebies. Dear Hubby, little do you know once we really get settled in this house, I was serious about having multiple trees… even if they are little ones. Decorating for Christmas is the best! Dear Forever 21, Thank you for cancelling my order because you could not verify my address – new construction woes! I swear!  I couldn’t even Black Friday Shop online properly… thats fine. Saved me some coins – I only bought it cause it was a $7 dress – who would pass that up? Dear Readers and New Followers, now hit the home button and stay for a little while. Check back with me as I have something else for today up my sleeve. I love comments! It helps me follow you back.

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It’s the MOST Exhausting/ Wonderful Time of the Year

As most people prepare for the Christmas Season, baking cookies to later eat with their families in front of the fireplace and decking the halls with holly – putting their wreath on the door, decor outside and tree designs either up or presently being crafted – this time for my husband and I is the busiest work season of them all…
I used to work in retail every Christmas just because I love shopping and discounts – but for the first time its not a necessity. I am assisting my husband on the production staff of the Christmas Celebration at his church.
Now, you may think that this is just a basic Christmas play – but soon you will see why I say its the most exhausting/wonderful time of the year.
First let me preface this by saying, my husband and I go to two separate churches – something neither of us ever really wanted as a married couple, however, for work reasons in ministry for both of us –its something that we decided was right. I support his church as often as I can and its easier since its really close to home, but my church (although an hour away) will always be OUR home church – its where we met.
Now, isn’t my second church home quite beautiful. This picture does not do the size of this church any justice at all. There is a fountain and large sculpture just to my immediate left, but I will say that this church is so beautiful at night when it lights up!

Evangel Cathedral

Christmas Celebration Rehearsal starts in July. Yes, we have been working on this since JULY!
My husband is the Music Producer/Director for the show. His staff plays a major part in the administration and the overall production.

Panoramic shot of the sanctuary turned Arts Center

I get the opportunity to offer my assistance to the production staff –
 and play in make up from time to time.
My husband is in complete work mode – he has been looking like Super Producer Vincent Herbert (re: Tamar and Vince) these days when we go out trying to send music and answer emails and organize everything sound wise for this production. He gets a pass these days when it comes to being on the phone at dinner versus talking to me.

New friend, Angela – lead vocalist in the cast

I love Christmas Celebration though because we make new friends with people who come out to participate in the cast. People can be such good sports when they are forced to wear corsets, hoop skirts and bonnets! LOL

Mary Mary in Costume for Act I

… and always have a great time with the guest artists and definitely PLENTY OF LAUGHS to keep us through the long rehearsals. Even Erica and Tina of Mary Mary were such good sports during dress rehearsal. YIKES! I could not imagine what they thought when they saw the costume.
And each year there tends to be more and more new things that bring an element of surprise to the production – like aerialist who will be suspended on silks high above the stage.
The closer it gets to show time  – the more we get to have a little fun!
The Director of Make-up and I got to do some blocking for the Mary Mary segment and my husband thought it was quite hilarious! 

There’s always some last minute choreography changes… but these young ladies can dance! Who can pull off what they pull off dressed like that?! I’m just saying.

But all in all, we do prepare for Christmas in the way that it is a ministry and there is always a bigger message in the show. I would be going to see this play even if I weren’t working in it.

Now, because its such hard work -running around and what not, we usually have dinner at church these days. It does not help that one of the employees also works as a chef at La Quotidien Bakery – he brings the best tarts, custards and yesterday brought over two whole trash bag sized bags of bread. I could not believe it! This box DOES NOT HELP my diet in the least! Oh well, maybe I can still blame it on Thanksgiving…  

Much love and Sunshine,

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