Welcome Friday

Well Hello There –
I feel like since I am helping to celebrate Nicole Pharr’s Blogiversary, I have gained a bunch of new people that have never been here before – so I would like to introduce myself and welcome all the new readers. So please, don’t be a stranger and say hey from time to time.
What do I Blog about here?
Simply put – My Life.
I don’t have a particular subject or niche, I write it about it all.. after all this is my life, therefore my blog. There could be so many things that happen from day to day or week to week over here.
See over there under my picture – it kind of gives you the run down on just SOME of the things that I am into and may write about. For a little bit more information about me, click the ABOUT tab (and all the other tabs for that matter)
Just some quick fun facts!
I am a Baltimore Ravens fan!
I am a die-hard fan and not a bandwagon fan because they won the Super Bowl last year. I am a Baltimore girl although I am now residing in the DC Metro area (The DMV as we call it – DC, MD and VA) and I have been a fan since the Cleveland Browns came to Baltimore and were named The Ravens.
But don’t get it twisted – I am not a sore loser or an aggressive fan. I am just a lover of Football and that’s my team.
I talk about this guy here a lot – his name is Amos. Don’t worry he doesn’t bite – unless…
well… that’s not for here but he is my husband. We are still newlyweds in my book. Been married now 2 years and about 9 months. We are building our lives together creating our own rules as we go along. 

I am a Freelance Make Up Artist and I love what I do – I truly love to paint faces and try new products. When I get the chance, I share tips and a few looks on this here Blog:
One thing I am trying to work on is how to capture on camera a false lash tutorial. Usually I take all my pics but it helps to put your lashes on with both hands …
I have a part-time pet named Arista. We call her part-time because she is my sisters Dog who lives in NYC but from time to time she may spend time with my parents in Texas and she lived with my husband and I here for about 18 months.
And yes she has her own IG page thanks to my sister.

Well, click through the Archives or popular posts– put your feet up and relax a while.
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you enjoyed yourselves – refreshments are in the back.


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I’m too upset

It is so hard to write my weekend wrap up post because there is so much going in the world and in my life that I can’t even believe it.
Between being bothered by some crazy person on Facebook who wants to impersonate my mother… to waking up and listening to the play by play of this Manhunt for the Boston Bombers and all the drama that it entails: the fear for the residents of Watertown and just being thankful that the people I knew that were in Boston are not at this time, to today being so gray and gloomy as well as the day where my coworker who passed away last week’s funeral being today… its just a lot.
Add to that some traumatic news I received on my way to work involving my Best Friend.
Its so deep that I couldn’t even type the story right now without crying or being upset.
So I literally have to just calm down and remember all things work together for the good of them who truly love the Lord.
I had to pray for peace and peace of mind today.
God knows I would’ve loved to take matters into my own hands but luckily he’ll be the judge and jury on this one.
I will say I am thankful that my best friend is alive and ok.
Dear God, let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.
… the only Friday letter I have for today.
Hope you have a better weekend.

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Life is Filled with Swift Transitions

Today, Thank God it’s Friday.
Be thankful that you are here to see this Friday.
I got to work and found out that two coworkers did not make it to see this Friday. One of my coworkers actually passed away in the building last night a meeting while presenting information on how we partner with the community. He had a heart attack.
He passed away doing what he loved to do.
He wouldn’t retire last year like he was supposed to and was waiting until this December to do so.
So Today, Thank God it’s Friday.
There will come a time where you won’t see one.
Dear Hubby, I love you more then you know. Here’s to the best days being ahead of us and not behind us. God continues to open doors for your music to be heard across the nations. He continues to open doors for our family. I celebrate with you on your success. As well as thanks for being the driving force behind us getting more healthy. You have helped me cure my caffeine fix needs with these green smoothies and healthier eating.
Dear Mom and Dad, Can’t wait to see you soon. Although soon for us is always weeks away. Get some rest while you can.
Dear Sister, OMG you and these animated GIFs have me dying laughing. There’s one for every occasion apparently.
Dear Brother, I owe you a trip to an Orioles game. Let’s do that.
Dear Readers, Do something that makes you happy today. Don’t put off anything that will make you smile.

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Friday’s Letters ~ Thank You Notes

Well when I saw that flash across my phone for some reason I was SO happy for Jimmy Fallon. Clearly it was being hinted to for weeks but something about the fact that it is now official is exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jay Leno – I used to stay up and watch at least his monologue before I went to sleep but if I was really feeling risqué I would stay up and watch Jimmy. I like Jay, but I LOVE Jimmy Fallon. He is freakin hilarious!
I really hope that he doesn’t go away from his format just because its “The Tonight Show”. I am really hoping that he keeps all of his Late Night antics… one in particular: Thank You Notes.
In honor of Jimmy getting the big promotion, I bring to you my Friday Letters Thank You Notes.
Thank You:
For being a morning person when I am definitely a grump in the morning. Your annoying cheer really gets me going in the morning and then you fall right back asleep. Perhaps you can give me at least one more hour please.
Thank You:
For creating this buggy fit for the spawn of Duchess Kate as an April Fools Joke. Now I seriously want one and you don’t make them. Thanks. 

Thank You:
Cherry Blossoms from Japan.
You are the gift that keeps on giving in Washington, D.C. and my allergies truly thank you.
Thank You:
E.J. Johnson, son of Magic Johnson,
for thinking that you had to “come out”.
You were very convincing as a heterosexual male. (read: sarcasm ).  
Magic Johnson's Son E.J. Comes Out as Gay
Thank You:
Kim Kardashian
For bursting the bubble that every celeb is not cute preggers. Please for the love of God do not come out with a maternity line because I fear that it would truly be a waste.
Kim Kardashian Kourtney Rachel Pally Cream Dress
 Thank You:
Early Morning Sunlight
For always being the best filter for Instagram! It does the best job covering up how huge the bags under my eyes really are.
Hope you have a great weekend!
We have house guests, so I am sure we will make it a fun weekend.

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Friday? Really?

I think because of the whirlwind I have been in this month with having an event to go to every weekend, I have been really in need of a day where I am not doing a single thing!
Today is THAT day. 
I had a great idea that I would like to clean and do some things around the house, but I am literally enjoying the slow pace of this day. 
Its like quiet time to not have my husband task me with things while he is at work. 
Trust me. He tried it but thankfully, I am feeling really tired and defiant right about now.
So, last night was the first run through of the Easter Production. 
Needless to say that also contributed to my exhaustion. 
We were like a non-stop train of make up once the call time for the cast began. 
The last show is Sunday night so I can do a recap on Monday.
I really think I need some Flintstone Vitamins or something. 
There simply is not enough energy for me to last throughout even a chill day to do anything I want to do. So perhaps that will be the one thing I go do today. 
Either who, 
Dear Hubby, you played so wonderfully last night. And boy were you nervous beforehand but like I told you – you did awesome. You got the ultimate compliment – compliments from the composer himself, Richard Smallwood. 
Dear Body, I think we can benefit from that Up bracelet from Jawbone – lets see if we can convince Amos to get us one of those – I would like to be more conscious of things I can do to get healthy. 
Dear Life, when you slow down, I can get to the grocery store and try some more fun recipes. 
Dear House, Its Spring Cleaning time! Apparently on the day that I was supposed to have off (Monday) my husband would like to plant flowers and seed the grass. Exactly why it may not always be a good thing that you are off on the same day of the week and another reason why I surprised him by taking a day off on a day that he had to work. 
Dear Rachel Ray, Don’t you want to just gift me your entire line of products? I’m just saying, I have a nice lovely bright kitchen that you can come add all those colorful products (can you tell thats what I am watching right now?)
Dear Mommy and Daddy, Can’t wait to see you Sunday! YAY!
And now… to take full advantage of this day. 
Have a great weekend everybody.

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