Loads of Laundry

Ok so this might be the most random post EVER! So bare with me..
Let me just be clear from the gate – this IS NOT a sponsored post. I don’t have that luxury just yet. All the products mentioned are because of our personal preference and nothing more than that. And clearly these are all my opinions…
So, why is the Laundry Room THAT important? Well for one, in our home, its adjacent to our Master Bedroom. It can’t be fashioned with anything random because its seen every time we come to our bedroom plus I was very adament about load size and silence of the machines, since we are late night last minute people. I want to be able to do loads of Laundry while I sleep if need be. Plus, I can be remedial when it comes to try to fix things so I wanted to make sure if anything goes wrong, we would be ok.
So Monday, my husband and I decided to paint our Laundry Room and finish painting our Master Bedroom. We got started on the Laundry Room first because we knew that we were going to be delivered our new Washer and Dryer on Wednesday.
We went to Lowe’s to select our paint.
We usually gravitate to Valspar colors because they usually have we are looking for and we have used them in every room in the house because the color is dead on.
I literally pick my colors by how I want to FEEL in that room.
I said to hubby “I want it to feel cheery in the Laundry Room because you know I HATE to do Laundry.”
So we eventually picked Valspar’s Bamboo Shoot
In our bedroom, previously mentioned here when we first started it, is Valspar’s Sweet Serenity. We I finally finished ALL the edging (since I literally do it by freehand).
On Wednesday, our delivery was made while I was at work. My hubby KNEW that I would love to get a play by play. He said to me “I know you are a blogger and that you would love to capture this, so I took some pictures for you”… isn’t he sweet..
In all honesty, I just have an anxiety about people delivering things and scratching up my walls so I KNEW I couldn’t be in the house, cause I would panic at every sharp turn.
So I have to show you just HOW MANY photos he took – I love him. LOL
Thanks for your help babe!
Get Ready for a Photo Dump : my went straight paparazzi on them. I guess in his mind blogger = paparazzi stalker

See right about at this turn I would’ve been standing there freaking out… smh

They were great! No scratches when I got home… and now my two favorite machines!
Don’t be fooled by the front loading all the time.. these two babies are bigger then biggest front loading washer and dryers that are out. Well except for the Biggest ones by LG that we ordered and had to return because clearly they would’ve never fit, but thats a different story all together!
But not only are they bigger but the gadgets and features are also the same.. so THANK YOU LG!
and real talk Thank You Sears, because we have been ordering and returning these things since March just because of personal preferences.
Laundry Room is now considered DONE!
That is until I have to accessorize.

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Memorial Day Musings!

Memorial Day was a wonderful day and it was quite a special one this year :
May 28th is my Mother’s Birthday 
Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you so much! I really hope that you had a wonderful birthday and hopefully this will be the last birthday where we are in different states. I am definitely praying and keeping my fingers crossed.
And now, to recap the weekend with Sometimes and Always ~
Sometimes: We host late night parties at our house with our closest friends and try to keep it simple.
Always: We serve breakfast foods like Chicken and Waffles 
so that we are able to make it through the night.
Sometimes: We tell our friends the party begins at 7:30pm so that we can begin to 
wind down around 1am at the latest
Always: They show up late and it turns into super late. This particular night, 
they ALL showed up at 10pm right on cue and didn’t leave until 5am. 
This is my tired hostess look

this is the calm before the storm picture.. they weren’t sitting quiet for too much longer

Sometimes: These guys are very calm and quiet ~ these are their “we are full” faces.
Always: That only lasts for a brief moment because they were so loud and hilarious for the rest of the night that for the most part everyone woke up hoarse 
Sometimes: I take my sweet time trying to find the right frames for some of my favorite pictures to put them up around the house. 
Always: Our random friends play with them and they never get back to quite right. Its as if we have children for real. 
This is Jeremy saying to me, “What? I think it looks better this way”
He has no idea how long it took for me to stop obsessing about how to get them level. 

Sometimes: People come over two days in a row, so the party continued again 
– supposed to start at 3:30pm
Always: In true fashion, the crew is late and it starts at 7pm and ends at 1am
Sometimes: I can’t believe how much fun we have together
Always: No matter how tired I am, I will invite them over the following weekend to do it all over again. 
Sometimes: I wish I could have an early afternoon function at my house
Always: I accept that our house is the last stop on the train of BBQ’s and I am ok with that… because no one wants to go home – thats how you know we have the best times!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend friends! I truly had THEE best time this Memorial Day.. and the jokes that we will have from being delirious I will never forget and will be giggling for days to come. 
There is a heap of persons who came to our house that I didn’t get the chance to grab my phone and capture – for one, I lost it in the kitchen for most of the day.. one day I am going to get it together so I can really capture these memories. 
My feet hurt so bad from painting the house, to standing to cook all weekend and clean and be hostess that today- I could barely walk without crying by BBQ Day #2, and although I am working from home today — I have decided that I am not leaving this bed at all to walk. 
Hubby decided then that he is going to take me to the movies later, even if and I quote “I have to be in a wheelchair.” Sure Hubby, lets go see Men In Black 3…  LOL
That is after you wake up from your nap… will you tuck me in like Barack tucks in Michelle
miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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Housewarming with a Fresh Coat!

I hate to say this but I am delusionally tired this morning… Preparing for a Housewarming Party is really hard work. We are having a series of housewarmings because for one, lets be honest, all of your groups of friends and associates do not need to co-mingle. Plus we want all guests to be comfortable and not fake because they all had to come meet up at our house.. and so… a series of party’s it is. Like for example, my mom and her friends need not be around mines- no matter how old you get, you will still feel like your party has to be taken outside because you are too loud… in your own house. 🙂
For whatever reason, on Tuesday when I came home from work, it was a nice day out so I decided… Lets do some Yard Work!  Mind you our yard isn’t HUGE, which honestly is exactly what we wanted, but its more then the mulched strip our neighbors have… (yeah, I am only jealous because I am tired). So superwoman I cracked open a few bags of the black mulch and made sure to cover all the places that needed mulching while avoiding skin contact with all the shrubs that I am allergic too. Yup! I am allergic to mostly everything in a yard!

It was worth it! It turned out great… and see little speed racer peaking out at you from behind the trees?
Yes, one day I will graduate from documenting everything on my iPhone.. you would be surprised at how many cameras I actually own, but none the less iPhone stays in the pocket.

So THEN, we decide… Let’s paint the Family Room and the Kitchen… this is where the power of bloggers come in.. I think someone pinned on Pinterest something about the moods based on color. And although Red is usually a color chosen for Dining Rooms, Yellow is a color for Kitchens. A person like me who needs more motivation in the kitchen, yellow will bring the sunshine mood to preparing a meal for hubby.
We chose: Valspar Cornucopia for the walls. Interestingly enough, before the yellow went on the wall the cabinets felt yellow to me. In real life, they now look like they have more of a red undertone.

The Kitchen looks out into the Family Room, so we chose a color that would compliment the Yellow, which is Valspar Boat Dock. It warmed the space up nicely…

I really love how it turned out… our house is still in disarray – as you see the TV has yet to be mounted, which will be done before the festivities begin this weekend…
but YUP my alter ego superwoman I decided to go ahead and paint the hallway … hoping that it would cure the bird problem. Stay tuned to see what color we chose for that!
Then it will be a trip to go get all the Accessories!!!!
Wouldn’t this look great in the Kitchen?!
Oh how I wish I had someone that lived near me that enjoyed the simple things like “accent pillow shopping”

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Where there is Smoke there is Fire!

Ok, so I hate to say this but, MY NEIGHBORS ARE IDIOTS!
So… here is the story..
I don’t really KNOW my neighbors. And by now I guess I should’ve been the “I baked these cookies for you”, knocking on the door next door to introduce myself to the neighbors type of person by now.. but honestly, I haven’t really gotten around to doing so just yet.
One reason, I don’t have any cookie batter.
The other thing that grinds my gears (yeah I said that) is that on day one of them moving in, they have planted these solar walk-way lights on this little patch of grass that is between our homes and literally lighting not a dag on thing..(would do better standing outside with a candle) AND ITS AGAINST OUR HOA Agreement. I am stickler for the rules when it comes to a neighborhood like ours and there are rules in place to not devalue our home and/or make the exterior look ununified or should I dare say.. tacky.
Every night I just want to kick those useless things out of the ground.. but thats not what this post is about, so I digress… although, I laughed hysterically when on St. Patrick’s Day one of their friends rolled over one of those bad boys backing out of the driveway! One turn of the wheel crushed one to oblivion – sadly it got replaced this weekend… which brings me to why I write this post…
My neighbors celebrate EVERY holiday. From what I do know they are hispanic.. still not sure who actually lives in the house, however, I do know that every holiday there is a party. I get it- its a new house, we all just moved so we take each chance to “christen” the new space. So for now, I won’t complain about the drunken stoopers into the wee hours of the night.. because when we christen our domain, I don’t want to hear a single peep from you or your whining dog that barks every time you put him on the patio because he would rather be walked then to be set outside like trash…. AGAIN, I digress…
Well, Easter Monday Morning, I am working from home… as it is my custom to do so EVERY Monday, I wake up to come downstairs to make breakfast and I see HUGE BILLOWS of smoke on my back patio.. of course I go into a frantic run through the house thinking that some thing is on fire! I am thinking that I am going to have to wake my neighbors up and tell them to flee immediately. Then when reality sank in, I thought well maybe they are just continuing the party and grilling for breakfast (who knows, some people do weird things). But because of our privacy fence I had to run back upstairs into our bedroom so that I could peek over the wall… the next part of the conversation went like this:
Me: “Babe! Turn off the alarm so I can go open the door downstairs.. I need to open the window!”
Hubby: (half sleep grumble) “What are you talking about?!”
Me: “Something is on FIRE! If the neighbors house is on fire, then our house is on fire!”… “No.. wait… they are just idiots!…. They left the gas grill on over night and this fool is pouring water on the flames!… false alarm”
Hubby: “We have a fire wall anyways.. we would’ve been safe”
Me: “But our home could’ve looked UGLY!” (yes, thats what I think about when its early and I see smoke)
Needless to say, they are Idiots.. and they should keep their SMOKE and FLAMES to themselves! This is probably what I thought was going on over there… probably times ten judging the size of flames and smoke
I thought my little block was about to look like this!
Scared me half to death.. imagine me running and screaming through the house..
(Don’t even get me started on how they broke their garage door – we’ve only lived here a month!)
Real Talk: Grill Fires are dangerous.. and as grill season approaches please make sure that you take FULL precautions to keep yourself and your home safe… and your neighbors safe as well.
Well, that’s it for me.. got any crazy neighbor tales.. spill it! Have a great smoke-free day!
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Painting and Police Car Chases…

So … I know you have been waiting on that picture of our Master Bathroom… however, you are going to have to wait a little while because it is over-run by painting supplies. Now in the spirit of keeping it real, I could show you that, but honestly, there really isn’t much to see there just yet–

But here is a sneak peek at the bedroom: Final picture pending..

Anybody else be all gung-ho about painting and then when it comes to the details start to fizzle out?? good, its not just us. SO we finished the wall that our bed is on, so that we would never have to ever move that California King monstrosity. However, the rest of the room looks like this…

And like this… No the rest of the tray ceiling border is not finished either. This is just its good side.

But we definitely wanted to have a resort feel in our Master Bedroom. We love color but did not necessarily want to be overwhelmed with it. We wanted rather to kind of feel like we are waking up at a beach front hotel every morning.
It took some getting used to the color and praying that we didn’t make a mistake in color choice, but after letting it cure, we totally love the relaxing vibe it gives to us on the walls.
We used Valspar, Sweet Serenity seen here:
Creative Ideas for Color by Valspar Gallon Interior Eggshell Paint in Sweet Serenity
Not sure when we are going to finish but there is a major paint party coming soon! I promise you that. We are going to be getting some help painting the rest of the house (like the really high places of the foyer) and then tackle some spaces on our own.
But honestly, when you gotta deal with this: Police car chases and what not ending in head on collisions right in front of your job praying that its not one of your offenders outside clowning… you rarely have motivation to paint every night- I’m just saying.  
Let’s see what the weekend holds! I may just be finished.. who knows.