Sneak Peek: Painting went up in Smoke!

Since moving in the home, we immediately decided that we wanted to paint our Master Bedroom and our Master Bathroom. As much as persons say that you shouldn’t paint within the first year, I can not live in a Builders Beige Box — my artist senses will not allow me to do so. So¬†I will hold on to my chips and extra paint in case any touch ups need to be done.

So here is a sneak peek at some of the products that we decided to use:

Glidden Signature Interior Paint (in Wood Smoke)
Purdy Brushes
Shure-line Roller Brushes
3M Painter’s Tape

We decided to go with Glidden Brand Paint in Wood Smoke.
I wanted to make the Cabinets pop and the Granite has flecks of brown and gray.
Here it is after I got a sample up on the wall. Now if you have a steady hand you do not need to tape off the whole room… in this instance, I only taped in tight squeezes and cut the rest in by hand.
What I have learned is that, as you know the paint dries a different color then when wet… so initially once the paint dried, we were super scared because it looked so dark in there. But we let it cure over night and realized the next day, it had lightened back up to the color of the paint chip. Now we love it!
We plan to use it again some where in the house… not sure which bathroom will get hit just yet.
Also since we picked a satin finish, I do notice that despite great coverage with the color, the satin sheen is dependent upon the strokes of my brush and roller… so second coat will be going up. But so far I am very pleased!
A picture of the walls completed coming soon..


Make a Decision Already!!

This blog post is dedicated to my husband, who in the car on the way to work this morning was basically screaming this at me… not literally, but I like to believe I can read his thoughts as every wife thinks we surely can..
Either who, I have been trying for months as you know, to get a grasp on how I want to begin to decorate this house. Its a huge game of: Where Do I even Begin?!
Afterall, this is the first house that we have full designer control over and I want to love it! at least for a little while, because I know my creative and DIY ADHD will have a new design in mind not too long after I marvel at the wonder of my own creation! ūüôā
Well, my answer to everything lately has kind of been something similar to this:
Well, in actuality – its time for me to make a decision already!
Pick some color, some couch, some style… something!
We have less then a week before we are keys in hand..
Ask me how much packing we have done?
I guess I am afraid to pick something and then change my mind, which honestly I don’t know why? thats so like me anyways and two, its just paint!
So I have challenged myself: This weekend, I am going to make a few decisions on the house – what color do I want the foyer, media room, kitchen and the music suite to be painted… pick a couch for the family room and finalize a color of the furniture going in the media room…
and secretly, find a home for my elephants (my DST sorors understand).
All of this, while heading to sunny (or rainy since thats what the weather man says) Orlando to attend the NBA All-Star Weekend with my Dad. (more on that when I return).
Until then,
I am reminding myself to

Home Construction Updates

French Doors
Closing up one entrance 
Edited out the Formal Living and Dining Room
Added a Media Room
Pre-wiring installed
Maple Cabinets
4″ inch plank wood floors
Waterfall staircase
Stainless Steel Appliances (going in)
Ubatuba Granite


Decisions, Decisions

New home… now what are we going to fill it with. I have spent so many days and hours looking for the perfect pieces of furniture to fill our new home with…¬†
Its so difficult sometimes because I have an art background, which means I really feel like I have visual A.D.D. I want to change something almost instantaneously. But I do have a vision for my new home… the issue is so does hubby. The challenge will be 1. how to create my vision and 2. how to maintain that vision with his taste in mind?
Until then.. we are flipping pages, scouring every home store from coast to coast. 
Hubby and I were recently in Florida and sure enough, we found ourselves going to some boutique furniture stores looking for things that we would want to use in our home. We can not wait until we can actually start making some purchases and putting some things in that will make it a wonderful home.
We are almost to the finish line. 
Closing in a few weeks…¬†
Check out the House Tour Section to see more updated photos of our construction progress.


Good Morning Sunshine! and Pottery Barn

I know that I have not been blogging a lot lately… there is just so much going on, but I do promise to get back to it really shortly… This is the view from the second floor windor of our townhome.. that beautiful SUN… ignore the construction crew, large¬†trash ins and arbitrary lack of landscape¬†at the moment¬†and what not. It just reminded me why I wanted to build our home on this lot — the Sunshine.

Hubby and I stopped at a few stores this past weekend. This chandelier caught my eye in Pottery Barn.. its a possibility for perhaps some Master Bedroom lighting or even my home office. What do you think?