Photo a Day Challenge: Day 13 – In my Bag

Ok, I have to be honest, I carry a non-decript backpack to work because of the line of work I am in.. inside of my back pack is :
  • my Louis Vuitton sac
  • a smaller black ostrich purse, that currently has nothing inside, so I am not sure why its in there.
  • a White, Old Apple Store plastic bag that I use as my make up on the go bag because I have a make up case for the house.. the whole make up transporting thing will get fixed once we move…
  • an Old Navy bag that has like a $6. fleece in it because its cold and I use them to wear underneath of my agency issued windbreaker.
Yeah maybe I am a bit of a pack rat in real life because I have no idea why I lug any of that to work every day but watch one day I leave it and I am going to need something out of that backpack.