Easter Production Make Up

Every once in a while, I will lend my make up services to Easter and Christmas Productions.
As I prepare to go to the New York Make Up Show for the first time, I am really excited to be able to build my portfolio to be able to receive professional benefits.
My love for make up probably started when I was a high school student – studying visual arts in high school and even started at Howard as a Fashion Merchandising major, and while putting together several looks for runway lines that I designed at a Fashion School in Chicago.
If you can blend colors on paper, you can blend color on faces.
I feel that as long as you know the color wheel, you will know how to do great make up.
One of my desires is to eventually teach a make up class – to teach people just as I have learned.
The production thats coming up starting thursday is an Easter Production called King of Kings.
Its being held at my husbands church where the stage is huge!
Its in a space that holds about 2,500 people.
In any performance, with a stage that huge, the make up must be exaggerated in order to see from the seats that could be as far away as 100 feet or more.
Here are a few looks that I did during tech week:
The first was playing with highlighting and contouring of the face using Ben Nye Banana Powder and Ebony Powder and the new NW58 from MAC! (you didnt know they added an even darker foundation to the line did you?!) , bright colored eye (two toned gold eyeshadow with blue in the corners which blended into green in the crease – all Ben Nye pigment products) and Cotton Candy Lipstick made by Motives.
The next look is for a group we call “special dancers” : the look here is extreme highlight and contouring with bronze NYX pigment on the lid, Mac Expresso int he crease, Motives for LaLa Lipstick in Times Square. To this look we will add glittered masks that will be hand applied to the eyes and netting around the nose and mouth. All she needs now is her false lashes and her liner.

I can’t wait until the night of the show where I can show you how it all comes together.
Follow me on Instagram at VashtiJasmine to see more from the show.
What do you think about these looks?

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Disney Inspiration Make-Up

So this weekend as you know I went to my friends Birthday Party and got dolled up. 
Maria, sent out an email over the weekend saying that her Make-Up Monday prompt would be for Disney Princess Inspired Make-Up, which I thought would be so much fun. 
This look was inspired by Anastasia – 
Smokey Eye with Pink lip (slight ombre lip and emphasis on darkening the eyebrow). 

Products used to make this look:
Eyebrows: E.L.F. brown eyeshadow, Midnight Brown Covergirl pencil.
Eyes: E.LF. Dark Brown for the Crease, Nude for the lid.
Lips: Maybelline Color Whisper and E.L.F. Pink Lipstick.

This is probably one of my favorite go-to looks… and I was really glad that I got to share in more detail my look for the evening. 

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Makeup Monday

Cotton Candy In Times Square

 I went to a make-up party that was hosted by a Make-Up Artist friend of mines and it featured Motives for LaLa products. 
I had never seen or knew anything about the line, so I was excited to dip my fingers in some of the products and learn more about the custom color foundations. 
My intention for going to the make up party was to see the trends and 
I went looking for a few new colors for the Spring. 
I ordered some goodies that I can’t wait to share with you. 
For now let me share with you this new lip color that I chose as part of my Spring Palette: 
This is Cotton Candy lip liner with Times Square lip stick.
Let’s just say it was LOVE at first sight!
The pigment of the lip liner and the lipstick is what I was so impressed with. 
Being a woman of color, getting pigments to just POP like they should can be tasking. 
Not with this though. 
So for Spring, I am loving Motives for LaLa.
Have you picked things for Spring?
What colors are you thinking of trying for this upcoming season?

Once I had it on, you couldn’t tell me nothing! 
I went walking around the neighborhood feeling good about my choice. 
I can not wait until the rest of my products come in so that I can share with you some more goodies!
*I was not compensated for talking about the product or event – just thought it was worth a mention and my money*

In preparing my face for events and day to day – I always ask myself the most important make-up question : To Lash or Not to Lash? That is always the question. 

I can say that it wasn’t until I moved to Chicago that I saw lashes worn even with every day make up. 
It took some practice to get a rhythm in regards to applying lashes. 
I use to be in LOVE with Mascara and I still have my faves but none do the work of turning my tiny curly lashes into what I get from false lashes. 
It also depends on the event – if I am going to be in the dark most the night, then no lashes for me. Too much work and I will probably rub my eye and the lash off sooner then someone noticing them. 
But for the event I went to yesterday, Lashes were perfect!
If I had the stamina – I would DEFINITELY wear lashes daily!
What fun – its like a Party on your eye!
Do you lash?
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Fresh From the Closet (OOTD) & Maybelline Color Whisper Review

I was so excited on Groundhogs day when it was predicted Early Spring for 2013. 
I really can’t stand the cold weather, but I have always lived in cities that get all four seasons. 
Right after Christmas, Spring clothes go on sale even though Snow is still on the ground. I for one always feel silly for indulging in Spring clothes too early. February turns into that back and forth period where you aren’t sure which coat to grab as you leave the house. Sometimes you need different types of coats depending on the day. 
Sunday was one of those same confusing moments – it was a beautiful sunny day yet, it was freezing with snow flurries. 
I took the time on Sunday to put a perfect “It’s almost Spring” outfit and decided to try a new lipstick: 
Maybelline Color Whisper by Color Sensational in Coral Ambition
Click the Picture for purchase information
*Affiliate Link listed
Disclaimer: this was purchased on my own and I was intrigued when I saw it randomly and decided to review and share with my readers. I was compensated in no way. Opinions are my own.

Here is what it looks like on my skin tone – 
On my eyes are a combination of peachy coral eyeshadows on the lid and a cut crease color blend of navy and brown. 
I like the Color Whisper because it really feels more like a lip balm then a lipstick. 
I picked up three shades of this lipstick. Today I decided Coral Ambition would be my first pick. 

Its important that your lips are moisturized and not dry because applying this lipstick to dry lips will not act as a lip balm; it will begin to flake and peel. 
It goes on smooth and is so lightweight !
Perfect for early morning make up looks. 
Honestly, I usually use a lipstick with more pigment but was kinda pleasantly surprised by how I like the whisper colors as well. 
And now..

Sweater: Sejour for Nordstom (similar) Pants: NY&Co 7th Avenue Slim Ankle Shoes: BEBE
Close up of the Shoes: 
Bebe Lola in Pink (no longer available)

Have you tried any of the Whisper Colors? If so what is your favorite?
Any Early Spring/Late Winter looks that you have tried lately? Leave a link below.

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Makeup Monday

Ravens Inspired Smokey Eye

Here is my disclaimer: despite working time to time as a Make Up Artist… 
1. I NEED a new camera – so not my best presentation of a how-to
2. I NEED my eyebrows done – but I was just sitting here watching the Bachelor and figured why not give this a quick try
3. Please know that these are my own purchased products
This is to be viewed right to left – so across the bottom then up.
If there are any questions please place it in the comments and I will get back to you.

Pre-step: I base my entire eye and eyebrow with concealer to give a smooth surface to work with.

1. Base eyelids with Color Tattoo (or you can base with any bright white pigment) (see pics 1 &2)
2. Pat on the Goldmine eyeshadow with a flat eyeshadow brush. Don’t swipe. You want to pat on as much pigment as possible. (see pic 3)
3. Take a deep purple color and sweep on with a rounded eyeshadow brush from outside corner to inside corner -(in the crease)to find the crease trace above your eyeball feeling your way on your eyelid. (see pic 4)
4. Apply a deeper shade of purple from corner to half of your eye into the gold. (see pic 5)
5. Apply a flesh color slightly lighter then yours under your brow as a highlight. (see pic 6)
6. Use clean brush to blend colors together, sweeping where the colors meet the neutral – you don’t want to sweep the dark color into the lighter color but rather the opposite direction. (see pic 7)
7. Apply black eyeliner from outside corner to the center. Do not go over the gold for a more dramatic effect. (see pics 8 & 9)
8. Apply Purple eyeliner underneath of your eye. (see pic 10)
9. Apply mascara. (see pic 11)


Products used:
You can click the links to purchase

*Affiliate Links listed 

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Makeup Monday