Officially 9 months!

Well hello there… Sorry that I have been a little M.I.A.It’s just that with all the aches and pains that I had in my hands, I could not bear to type for fun after spending entire work days on the computer. 
But Today, I have so much to share with you!and I am so excited to – so let me get started… this update will have to be in multiple posts because I have so many pics, it would just be way too much to put in one.  Since my last update, we had barely began the baby preparation process. I have since discovered my very first GRAY HAIR! What the devil?! I mean, my little sister apparently has had them, but I thought I wouldn’t find one in my head until much later.. sigh. I panicked and pulled it out. LOL. Maybe I was stressed out at first by adjusting to how much pink is invading my life – my least favorite color… However, I am actually kind of getting used to it and seriously can’t help but to think its really cute for baby girl stuff. 

Just to give you some idea as to how much pink… Here is a sneak peak of her Nursery that we are still finishing.I absolutely love the monogram that I ordered from Etsy from Elegance Letters. This is the 26″ unfinished vine connected monogram letters. It took me about three days to paint these letters just because of being indecisive and changing colors throughout the process. It’s not yet hung because we are now indecisive as to which wall it should go on. 

When my feet started to swell, it definitely took me by surprise. 
 I had only had some cramping and swelling in my fingers and my feet and ankles were still doing great. Not the case anymore. To give you an idea, my feet only fit in UGGs because of the width.
This was my last day in business shoes.. and they were already a size and a half up from where my actual shoe size is… do you know how I would cry if they do not go back to my regular size just because of my shoe collection?

So if mommy has UGGs, I had to get Baby Girl a pair right?! 
It seemed only right. 
And of course, they are pink.. depending on this winter season, she may just end up with the camouflage colored ones as well.

Mornings in our home are still never a dull moment… 
My husband is excited about Baby Girl to say the least and has been absolutely great at “serving” me during my pregnancy. He definitely keeps my spirits up as I adjust mentally with all these body changes and what not. And definitely makes sure that I am “taking care of” his baby. 
One morning, I come downstairs to say good bye to our visiting family and he is down at the foot of the stairs, playing guitar – he tried his hardest (mind you, he plays Piano), but I thought it was as sweet as it was hilarious!

Another thing to pass the time, reading.. 
Awesome Blogger Heather Alexander of The Mommyhood Blog sent me her great book – I am just about finished and want to give an appropriate review at a later time but thought I would mention how else I am spending my days. 

When I am not reading, shopping or sitting at work with my feet up…
Every chance I get!
This Baby is literally a dancing machine. She has surpassed those cute little kicks to let mommy know she is awake. She has moved on to full body flips, elbows, booty dances and straight up painful kicks and punches. She even gets hiccups, which as cute as it sounds is also so annoying at times. Imagine trying to eat while your stomach is jumping to a rhythm. Its frustrating enough to just say forget trying to eat right now. 
And of course.. 
Doctor’s Appointments. 
Can’t you just feel his excitement? LOL
We are now in the Doctor’s office on a weekly basis. Somehow the wait is not as crazy as it used to be. I must’ve initially gotten pregnant during a baby boom, but now its like the last few left and the wait is reasonable. 
We will start checking her progress beginning Monday to see if she is in position and if I have started dilating yet – biting my nails.. I am so nervous.. 
Also, we made sure to interview pediatricians in advance versus go with a pediatrician recommendation from our hospital. Presently, I am being seen by OB/GYN’s who are all Black Women. The practice encompasses 4 different women each with a different bedside manner but pay particular attention to things that affect Black Women at a higher rate. 
I wanted the same out of a Pediatrician and now have a Black Female Pediatrician for Baby Girl, not so much because she was Black but most importantly because she had a reasonable answer for every single question and concern that I had, made us feel comfortable and was recommended by women from all avenues of my life. Not to mention, as we waited in the waiting room, each kid that she called to come back, even for vaccinations were all so excited to go in the back. None seemed to be traumatized one bit, which let me know she has great relationship with the kids and the parents. 
We were seen in the Pixie Princess room. Amos said it was “too girly” LOL. He has no idea how outnumbered he is about to be.
This month, I cracked the whip! Amos got his friends together – Baby Girl’s “uncles” came over to help put her room together. Nursery furniture was assembled, furniture was rearranged, all while I sat and gave directions. I love that already her uncles are making sure that she has what she needs. 
Sadly, other “people” are not as happy that Baby Girl will soon be here. 
Our part-time pet Arista, a curious Daschund decided that she would get into the trash which caused a digestive infection where she had to have surgery. 
She wouldn’t let her stitches heal properly so the doctor gave her this huge cone! 
I died laughing when my sister sent me this picture of her. 

I think she did it for sympathy. LOL
We also had Baby Showers — which will be a separate post all together just because of the pictures alone, but of course you know afterwards it was all about completing the registry, which was my favorite thing to do. 
Of course I have to wait for my chauffeur to get off the phone before we can pull off.. stay waiting on him to finish checking or posting to Instagram. LOL

Lastly, for now.. 
I know the last time I posted, I was talking about a few issues with work- 
The major stress of the POINTLESS Federal Government shutdown. 
Like it or not, I support the Affordable Healthcare Act – just because of my own experience and believe that if people educate themselves enough they can find a plan that works best for them. Because of it, I got an email that my Breast Pump is being shipped after zero cost to me (not even shipping) once I ordered it and placed my insurance information in the payment screen and my husbands prescriptions went down from $70 for 30 days down to $10 for 90 days… 
BUT – 
Thats neither here nor there.. 
I got transferred!
From the office in S.E. Washington, DC where I was close to the Navy Yard to an office in N.W. Washington, D.C.

I spent a few days packing my boxes and now I am on a team where my Field Partner and Neighbor is..  We work as hard as we have fun. Yup, I am STILL working and plan to up until Dec. 2nd or when she arrives, whichever comes first.

The one thing that I will miss this year… 
That I probably won’t be able to go to Christmas Celebration especially since its a lot of live animals and my due date is smack dab in the middle of the production dates. 
I usually do make up for the show which means whole days on my feet doing make up.
So I HAD to go visit the cast and make-up team during rehearsal just once while pregnant to say hi. I’ll miss them this production but I hope to be back by Easter Production. 

Whew you made it to the end. 
36 weeks – Officially 9 months Pregnant.. 
and still just as thankful as the first day!

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Part-Time Pet was on THE VIEW!!

See this girl?
She is our Part-time pet, Arista
Part-time because she is my sisters dog that she has had since College, but some time during the year she stays with our parents or even us! She comes to visit on the weekends from NYC at times!
Well today, she has become A STAR!
She was coached all week so that she would not act a FOOL on TV.
She has a tendency to want to run around in furious circles really fast when she gets excited.
Or she may randomly pee or do any other random things that may embarrass us from time to time. 
They wanted her in a hot dog costume! 
HA! A hot dog in a hot dog!

She was trying to get her mind right before her Live Debut here. LOL
She had her trusty partner Mustard to walk her out there.. 
Then, when she appeared on TV, I was SO TICKLED!!! 
I laughed the whole time she was up there with little Mustard and little Ketchup!
I mean I was as excited as I will be when a child we know is on TV!
She did SO GOOD!

I am such a proud part-time parent / doggy auntie!

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Monday’s Musings: Movies, Mothers and More

This weekend was a great weekend. It was nothing too out of the ordinary, but I got to spend quality time with my husband and my sister since my mother could not be in the DMV (DC, MD, VA Area- always referred to as the DMV here) to see us. She was in GA. 
Adventures with hubby began with a little light shopping and window shopping at our favorite mall. Then of course, we HAVE to go to the movies (Its just our thing) and we ended up seeing The Avengers yet again, but this time IMAX 3D. Usually the 2nd week the lines aren’t that long.. but with The Avengers, it was just like it came out yesterday. 
YES! This is the line… wrapped around and then some!

Is it just me or do you also HAVE to have Movie Theater Popcorn when you go to the movies… for me, I get so anxious, even if I have already seen the movie that I have to eat something or I will be one of those people you hate in the movie thats screaming out “Watch OUT!” 
On Mother’s Day, my sister and I hung out together at a Mother’s Day Brunch sponsored by DivasMPH
Meet Joi-Marie.. my little sister

Here she is giving remarks at the Heart Healthy Mother’s Day Brunch sharing how Heart Disease hits home for us. We wear Red Dress Pins to raise awareness.
In addition, look who came to visit ME! It’s Arista, our part-time pet! She at times lives with me and hubby and now for the most part she lives with Joi-Marie in New York… as her guard dog. LOL. 

This little monster peed on me in excitement.. oh what fun?! Why do Daschunds do that?!
And now, a lesson in how my blog post bites me in the butt… another Newlywed Confession
Oftentimes, as aware as I am about what we need to work on – it takes a while for it to become part of our very nature. 
As much as I wish at times, hubby would step up and help me even more then he already does, it doesn’t really fathom me that he may want the same thing out of me. Grant it, I may think that I am doing enough, but I am definitely aware that he may want the same. 
He literally said to me, “Where’s my help help-mate?!” as he was fussing at me about not offering to find him something to eat last night for dinner. Truth be told, I was tired. He felt like since he got up earlier then I did and did the most yesterday that perhaps his “more tired” feeling should trump my basic tired feeling. His point was that if the shoe was on the other foot, he would’ve done the same. I would like to believe that would be the case… but hey, maybe he would’ve or maybe he wouldn’t have. Unfortunately that was not the point. 
This I think is a lesson for newlyweds: at times we have to be what we want. 
When the Bible says, God loves a cheerful giver… it doesn’t always apply to just giving of tithes and offerings. If the things that I do around the house: if I did that cheerfully, perhaps my husband would not feel like I did nothing… 
The struggle is to not assume that because he is asking me to versus my volunteering to, he will not see it as it being my duty. I can want all day for him to cook more often, but it truly is a battle of how we were raised bumping heads. It’s up to us to find the compromise. I have placed all financial responsibility and balancing our bank accounts on him with no looking back. Something I would hate to have to do because going to the bank is such a pain to me.. but he does it without complaint.. 
Not to mention, it is hard to compartmentalize emotions when you are being pulled in different directions. My husband lost his mother in 1999. Mother’s Day is never easy and yet, him choosing not to eat all day was not out of laziness but rather on that particular day, he wanted to be nurtured, like a mother.. basically I failed. 
I was tired, but hubby missed his mom. 
Rest in Peace, Altagracia Saint-Jean

So hubby, Monday morning is hindsight 20/20… 
You are truly a momma’s boy.. you even look just like her.
Let’s go to Bed, Bath and Beyond now.. 
Love ya!

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My Part-Time Pet!..time to pack her bags

This is our “part-time pet” and her name is Arista. She is a dapple colored dacshund and is the cutest thing ever and boy is she spoiled! It’s time to pack her bags because she is leaving my house and going back to NYC with my sister for a while… she kind of rotates between everyone’s home although she is my sister’s dog because she is loved by the whole family and she actually is a very good dog when she travels.  However, as you can see she loves to get in the bed with you; this dog knows not a thing about personal space.

She has been hanging out with us for the Christmas season… this year instead of dressing her up like santa and hanging Christmas shopping bows and laugh as she struggles to get all of that stuff off of her. This year, we just kept it simple. We changed her collar and gave her a nice festive flowered collar to wear for Christmas…

and yes, Arista has her own stocking hung by the chimney with care and sadly, she knows its hers. She sat there waiting for her toys because she knew it was exactly what she asked Santa for… afterall she got to go to the store to pick out her treats just like everyone else in the family did.. she is so spoiled cute…move out of her way because she is driving miss daisy!

 Well off to NYC goes my Part-time pet… she will be back around this way soon enough… until then, I am on break from the early morning walking, feeding frenzy that comes with this one…

Do you have a pet that you love and adore?! Tell me all about them…

Because I miss her so much! I Linked up to: