The Princess Has Arrived! Birth Story

When I last left off, I had just been in a minor car accident on the way to the Specialist’s office at the Fetal and Maternal Office in order to get a biophysical of Baby Girl due to having pregnancy hypertension the last month of my pregnancy. 
We were eventually scheduled to be induced on Monday December 9, 2013 and we were told to report at 11:45pm in order to begin the process around midnight. 
There was a winter storm on the way, so we called my parents and suggested that they get a hotel near the hospital versus trying to make the 45 min trip once I was ready to have the baby (best idea ever!). Although there wasn’t a lot of accumulation, there was enough for it to be slippery and to get stuck in holiday traffic since my hospital is right next to one of the largest malls in the area. 
We repacked our bags and headed out Monday Night around 6pm to meet my parents for an early dinner. 
This is my last pregnancy bump picture – 39 weeks 3 days. 
Gained a total of 17 lbs. 
(Aww just looking at this picture, I miss being pregnant just a little bit – but looking at my princess – I love her more)
On the way to the hospital, my husband told me to check my online medical chart because he saw an email pop up in our joint account that I had a message from my doctor. It’s exactly why I send my medical information to our joint account because two eyes are better than one – the message was that our induction had been pushed to 8pm and not 12am. We would have to rush through dinner and then go straight to the hospital. 
We get there and they tell me that they just had a huge rush of persons in labor and that I would have to wait about an hour before I would be seen to get started. Fine by me! Took that hour to get settled in my labor room and really just calm my nerves and prepare myself for what was about to happen and how it would change my life. 

They came in and hooked me up to the IV and pumped me full of electrolytes. My doctor called me about two times with two different directives to kind of talk through what she wanted to do to induce since she wasn’t the on-call doctor at the time (but she REALLY wanted to be my delivery doctor) and called the charge nurses about 4 times. I got the impression that they were about over her calling so much especially since it was really busy. 
I am not sure what it was, but maybe it was that I was in the hospital finally that my body said “oh we SHOULD have this baby now”. My doctor first said that I would be given something to ripen the cervix to take in pill form before I would be given pitocin because I hadn’t progressed much since my last visit. I was about 1cm dilated and still about 75% effaced. However, when they left to get all the medications and came back to take my blood pressure and had me connected to the monitors to get a baseline of baby girl’s heart rate, they noticed that I was actually contracting way too much on my own at the time to even begin induction. 
Then my little girl’s heart rate was measuring so much all over the place that they couldn’t get a good baseline for her heart rate and I needed to be monitored a bit longer before induction. 
So . We. Waited. 
Contractions started becoming uncomfortable enough that I had to ask for some kind of pain medicine in order to be able to sleep. I think my husband was having sympathy pains. I had to ask him was he the one in labor. LOL. He said his stomach hurt really badly. Honestly, the whole time he made me laugh while in the hospital because of his dramatics. 
To regulate the contractions I was having, they decided to put me on a low dose of Pitocin and gave me some pain meds via IV – I can’t remember the name of it but the nurse said as she gave it to me, “This will make you feel like you are drunk almost immediately” In my mind, I was thinking “yeah right!”.. umm she was right. Got loopy immediately but it was just enough for me to want to roll over and close my eyes. 
During the night, baby’s heart rate was not doing so good. It was dipping really low but not enough to be considered critical just yet. From what I remember even though I was some of the good stuff – my nurse came to check on me so much through the night. So much so that she even called to check on me once her shift was over. She would have me roll from my right side, to my left side, to my back and just try to keep moving to get baby’s heart rate back up while I was sleeping. 
About 7 am, I woke up and noticed that in the middle of the night, they had actually turned off the Pitocin, probably worried about how it was affecting the baby while I was on the pain meds – baby didn’t like them too much apparently, however, I LOVED THEM! LOL. 
Either way, around 7am we got started on the second attempt at inducing. I was checked and still at a 1 -2cm dilated and was started on a low dose of Pitocin. My blood pressure was checked almost every 15 min and each “high” reading, the nurses would run in and check – as well as when the baby would move from the monitor. 
Around 10 am is when they started increasing the dosage of Pitocin to get the party started. Contractions started but were not really progressing just yet. Doctor came in and broke my water – something that I was afraid was going to hurt tremendously from hearing crazy stories – yeah it wasn’t that bad. 
Well, the morning nurse told me that it may take me about 16 hours to get ready to push and was basically saying get comfortable because thats the average time that it takes, which is pretty close to how long my mother was in labor with me. 
My family went and got breakfast, we sat around just talking and eventually was checked on the hour.  Surprisingly, I went from 1-2cm to 6 cm within 2 hours. I got my epidural somewhere around 4 cm and the contractions really weren’t hurting when I asked for it, but I knew I would want one to push so I just asked for it since the anesthesiologist was available. Another myth busted: getting an epidural does not hurt as bad as people make it seem – either that or I had some really good doctors. I told him to be gentle. He had me sit on the edge of the bed, put everyone out of the room except my husband and told me to be still. He talked me through each step so that I would not be startled. He prepped my back and said that it would feel like a bee sting, which it did. Once pricked, I didn’t feel the other part of the process. He taped my back up and I was given a button to push when I needed it and was done. 
Two more hours pass, and my OB came in to check me yet again. I was saying, it would probably be a while because its only been about 3 1/2 hours at this point. But she reminded me that I was already at 6cm last she checked. This time I was at a 9 1/2 and 100% effaced. So this is about 12:30pm. She said to me that there was a little more to go and didn’t want to rush it although she had me practice push just to see if maybe it would go ahead and be a good time to deliver. 
She had a 1pm scheduled c-section and said that she would be back afterwards and by that time, it should be time to have this baby! 
Talk about fast – I thought I was going to deliver that night and here it is barely afternoon and we are talking about delivering the baby. 
So, eventually my nurse came in at 2pm and checked me, she said I was at 10cm finally and began to prep my room for labor. I could feel contractions but they didn’t hurt. They felt more like when you have to go to the bathroom after eating a really heavy meal. 
She called my OB and she was still in surgery. 
We spent the next few minutes, calling my sister and telling her that the baby was on the way and we all made prediction about size, weight and height before the baby arrived. 
She checked me again and had me practice push to get her head to come down. 
Well by 2:30, this baby was ready to come and doctor still was not back – she called her and had her paged and told her to run! 
I was clueless that the baby was THAT ready to come. 
So, the doctor comes in and they take a look – remember baby girl was in a occiput posterior position and they were not sure if I would be able to push her past the bone. Combine that with her heart rate dips during contractions and my blood pressure, they prepared for everything all at once. They even brought in scrubs in case we had to be rushed for a c-section. I never made a birth plan because I thought it was laughable that I would have any control, clearly I could not have planned for any part of this labor. 
She started me pushing at 2:45pm. Baby was born at 3:35pm. 
I was able to deliver her vaginally. 
My husband was on one leg and my mother was on the other. 
I told my husband he may want to not look and to stay up by my head in order to not pass out or be traumatized. He got so curious that he eventually watched the whole thing. 
It was funny because they said my baby would have no hair based on the sonogram – well she had hair and that was the first thing I heard about as she came out. 
The doctor had come in once the nurse had gotten me started to push. I didn’t think that I was being successful because I was not grasping where I needed to push from. Basically its as if you are constipated and you push from that muscle, not like you have to pee really hard (as I had to ask what am I supposed to be doing?!)
My doctor put up these hand rails for me because I was having some really bad back pain at the last minute and we couldn’t figure out where it came from. Told me to push throughout the contractions. Two to Three Contractions later and she came out faced sideways and I was able to push her head out. My doctor said “Don’t push, Don’t Push!” as I felt the worse part of the pressure. I screamed back “I’m not!” I had no idea what she was doing but it sounded like she was running around… 
Little did I know that she didn’t have the chance to glove up when she came in because she came in at the middle of me starting to push. There I was saying “I am not pushing” and in pain with pressure and she said to me “I am going to have to cut you.” My mother surprisingly said to her, “will you be able to sew her back up?!” I am laughing at the thoughts in my head as it played out – but I couldn’t speak – I wasn’t pushing but baby girl came sliding right on out anyways. And I heard my OB laugh like “oh well” – it was sweet relief. It was literally about 45 secs from her saying don’t push to when she came rushing into this world. 
My OB said “This is the first birth in a LONG time that I didn’t get the chance to glove up for.” 
She gave her to me immediately and even I was surprised that I was now holding a baby. In my mind, I was like “its over?!” and at the same time looking at her like “wow you are finally here”  of course with my mom and her iPad camera in my face asking me how I felt. I was in shock. 
It was NOTHING like what I have heard or what I have seen on TV. No dramatic screaming pain fits where I would curse my husband out and turn into a witch. It was mostly normal, we had conversations, laughed and then I would have to tell them when I felt a contraction coming and I only knew because it felt like my stomach was being filled like a helium balloon with pressure in my booty.
Either way, I am very happy with the experience that I had and despite the scares in the beginning with all the unknowns with why her heart rate was dropping (at one point they thought the umbilical cord was around her neck and even asked if maybe she would have to go to the NICU. I was even told that it appeared like the placenta was dying prematurely – I took it in stride and said “well I am already in the right place if any of those things happen and was ok with it”) but once she arrived, she was perfect! No cord issues and now knowing her love for her hands and holding things, I am convinced that she was either laying on it or squeezing it with her hands for dear life!)

The only downside to my labor experience was post-labor. 
She was such in a rush to get here that she ripped me up on the way out. 
I had a second degree tear which isn’t bad but she also shredded a vein as well. I was being stitched up for two hours – honestly while it was happening, I didn’t realize that it was that long. It was that long before I was able to hold her again and it took less time to get her to come out. 
My doctor basically told me that she had never had to do so much surgery on a vaginal delivery – it was more like a c-section with as much sutras and what not that I had to get. 
I am just glad that I hit the epidural button right before pushing, so I didn’t feel any of it.
They were worried about hemorrhaging and was even concerned because I had lost a lot of blood and said that I may have to have a blood transfusion – but you know I that I was prayed up. None of those things happened and actually in recovery they were surprised that I was actually bleeding less than normal than a regular vaginally deliver in spire of the fact that I had a pretty severe one. 
The other part of the post labor that was horrific was that I basically threw my back out! I slept in the weirdest ways the night before and then I when I started pushing, I think I had so much tension built up in my neck and shoulders that I could not move. They wanted to move me back on the bed now that delivery was over. The surgical nurse had the bright idea to lay me back to pull me up on the bed. I told her, that was not a good idea because it hurts too bad to lay flat. I needed to be sat straight up and my husband can lift me back to where I needed to be. She ignored me and started laying that bed back and I let her have it. I was in so much pain that I cried so hard and screamed and they thought they did something wrong. They first thought it was epidural related, they thought it may have been accident related but I think it could’ve also been from the baby being in a posterior position. 
I am thankful that all is well – I am no longer in pain and that recovery is going great. 
She was worth it!
My Princess, my first born (because we do want more) is the apple of my eye. 
Born December 10, 2013
6lbs 11oz
19″ long

My Dad won the guess of time being born  (he couldn’t handle being in the room and was waiting outside for it to be over)
My sister won the guess of her length
Nobody won the weight guess – we were all over but Hubby was the closest. 
She looked just like she did on her 3D sonogram

From birth she was with us the whole time in the hospital except for when she had her tests done for Jaundice, etc and her shots. The swelling is coming down and the Pediatrician came to check on her twice while in the hospital and said she was doing great. We get to see her on Monday. 

Gracia already has the most hilarious personality. We are still learning each other and she has to figure out a better schedule for mommy and daddy to get sleep. 
If she eats well she will sleep at least 3 hours. Our bassinet was a little too big for her comfort and she sleeps so silently that I can’t really get a deep sleep. Also swaddling is great and all, but does not work for my baby – she LOVES her hands. She WILL find a way to get those hands out and will actually cry more to get to them, then it is for me to just leave her hands out. 
She got the chance to meet her Godfather at the hospital. 

and has already melted Daddy’s heart – 

and has her grandparents wrapped around her fingers. 

We love HER!

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What’s in a Name?

I mentioned before that I was on the fence about taking Maternity Photos – 
Reason being (and no judgement to anyone else) but I can’t stand the Maternity Photos where my belly would be out and I would be wrapped in some strange fabric. All I kept thinking to myself was “who in the world would I show my stomach to?” and “where would I even hang that in my house?”
Not to mention, my stomach is the least bit flattering.
I went for a long time without stretch marks – not so much anymore. 
Thankfully, pre-baby I never wore bikinis because I would be devastated right about now.
I wanted however, to take pictures that felt more like “us”. 
We have always done things a tad different from the norm. 
We had a photographer friend of ours, Gary Williams (@masterwilliams on IG),  come to our Baby Shower to capture a lot of fun moments : additional moments that I will share with you for nostalgia in a separate post. 
But during the shower, while everyone was eating, we went outside really fast near this soccer field and playground and said, “can you snap some quick photos for us?”
It was perfect!
The joy and love you see was exactly how we felt on the day where we were being showered with love by our family and friends. Most importantly, because it wasn’t planned there was no over thinking it. It took 10 minutes and most of the shots were literally just us being us versus him saying “now do this” and “pose like this”
This may seem quite cheesy, but I have heard so many stories of pregnancies and children “trying” marriages. I can honestly say that this pregnancy at best has tried his patience with me since my constant getting up and uncomfortable sleep has kept him up but my husband, thankfully, has taken it all in stride. We shall see how our parenting changes our marriage. However, we have prayed that our being able to start a family was God’s way of confirming that we were ready and up for the challenge.
This man really makes me feel like he loves me as much as he says he does. 
Sometimes his affection is overwhelming. Literally. I have to push him and all that gooeyness away. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am so glad that he never listens to me in that regard. 
I truly believe that he will take care of his girls as best as he can.

And now for her name… 
Our families are quite traditional. Both my husband and I are named after our parents. Our families have names that have been passed down for generations. 
Therefore, when it came to naming our first born, her name came extremely easy. Literally the morning or so after we found out that we were expecting, we had breakfast at Panera Bread. Before they even called our number we said “If its a girl…” and “If its a Boy…” and had names picked out without much discussion or debate.
So without further adieu, our first born daughter’s name is: 
Vashti (pronounced Vash-TIE) means Beautiful. It comes from the Bible, as Vashti was a Queen in the book of Esther. In my family the name Vashti has been handed down since my Great-Grandmother. My full first name is Vashti-Jasmine. My daughter will be the 6th Vashti in our family as I have a cousin in my generation that also has the name. 
Gracia (pronounced Gra-CEE-uh) means Grace and Favor. It has a spanish origin. My husband’s mother was Dominican, as she was born in the Dominican Republic. Her name was Altagracia (she passed away in 1999). So to honor her we will name her Gracia. 
We think it is so fitting that our first born has a name that means Beautiful Favor. It is exactly what we truly believe that God has granted us with entrusting her life to us.
We call her Gracie…
She will be our wonderful Haitian Dominican African American Princess!
and here’s a sneak peak of the little bundle of joy that we are patiently awaiting

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Officially 9 months!

Well hello there… Sorry that I have been a little M.I.A.It’s just that with all the aches and pains that I had in my hands, I could not bear to type for fun after spending entire work days on the computer. 
But Today, I have so much to share with you!and I am so excited to – so let me get started… this update will have to be in multiple posts because I have so many pics, it would just be way too much to put in one.  Since my last update, we had barely began the baby preparation process. I have since discovered my very first GRAY HAIR! What the devil?! I mean, my little sister apparently has had them, but I thought I wouldn’t find one in my head until much later.. sigh. I panicked and pulled it out. LOL. Maybe I was stressed out at first by adjusting to how much pink is invading my life – my least favorite color… However, I am actually kind of getting used to it and seriously can’t help but to think its really cute for baby girl stuff. 

Just to give you some idea as to how much pink… Here is a sneak peak of her Nursery that we are still finishing.I absolutely love the monogram that I ordered from Etsy from Elegance Letters. This is the 26″ unfinished vine connected monogram letters. It took me about three days to paint these letters just because of being indecisive and changing colors throughout the process. It’s not yet hung because we are now indecisive as to which wall it should go on. 

When my feet started to swell, it definitely took me by surprise. 
 I had only had some cramping and swelling in my fingers and my feet and ankles were still doing great. Not the case anymore. To give you an idea, my feet only fit in UGGs because of the width.
This was my last day in business shoes.. and they were already a size and a half up from where my actual shoe size is… do you know how I would cry if they do not go back to my regular size just because of my shoe collection?

So if mommy has UGGs, I had to get Baby Girl a pair right?! 
It seemed only right. 
And of course, they are pink.. depending on this winter season, she may just end up with the camouflage colored ones as well.

Mornings in our home are still never a dull moment… 
My husband is excited about Baby Girl to say the least and has been absolutely great at “serving” me during my pregnancy. He definitely keeps my spirits up as I adjust mentally with all these body changes and what not. And definitely makes sure that I am “taking care of” his baby. 
One morning, I come downstairs to say good bye to our visiting family and he is down at the foot of the stairs, playing guitar – he tried his hardest (mind you, he plays Piano), but I thought it was as sweet as it was hilarious!

Another thing to pass the time, reading.. 
Awesome Blogger Heather Alexander of The Mommyhood Blog sent me her great book – I am just about finished and want to give an appropriate review at a later time but thought I would mention how else I am spending my days. 

When I am not reading, shopping or sitting at work with my feet up…
Every chance I get!
This Baby is literally a dancing machine. She has surpassed those cute little kicks to let mommy know she is awake. She has moved on to full body flips, elbows, booty dances and straight up painful kicks and punches. She even gets hiccups, which as cute as it sounds is also so annoying at times. Imagine trying to eat while your stomach is jumping to a rhythm. Its frustrating enough to just say forget trying to eat right now. 
And of course.. 
Doctor’s Appointments. 
Can’t you just feel his excitement? LOL
We are now in the Doctor’s office on a weekly basis. Somehow the wait is not as crazy as it used to be. I must’ve initially gotten pregnant during a baby boom, but now its like the last few left and the wait is reasonable. 
We will start checking her progress beginning Monday to see if she is in position and if I have started dilating yet – biting my nails.. I am so nervous.. 
Also, we made sure to interview pediatricians in advance versus go with a pediatrician recommendation from our hospital. Presently, I am being seen by OB/GYN’s who are all Black Women. The practice encompasses 4 different women each with a different bedside manner but pay particular attention to things that affect Black Women at a higher rate. 
I wanted the same out of a Pediatrician and now have a Black Female Pediatrician for Baby Girl, not so much because she was Black but most importantly because she had a reasonable answer for every single question and concern that I had, made us feel comfortable and was recommended by women from all avenues of my life. Not to mention, as we waited in the waiting room, each kid that she called to come back, even for vaccinations were all so excited to go in the back. None seemed to be traumatized one bit, which let me know she has great relationship with the kids and the parents. 
We were seen in the Pixie Princess room. Amos said it was “too girly” LOL. He has no idea how outnumbered he is about to be.
This month, I cracked the whip! Amos got his friends together – Baby Girl’s “uncles” came over to help put her room together. Nursery furniture was assembled, furniture was rearranged, all while I sat and gave directions. I love that already her uncles are making sure that she has what she needs. 
Sadly, other “people” are not as happy that Baby Girl will soon be here. 
Our part-time pet Arista, a curious Daschund decided that she would get into the trash which caused a digestive infection where she had to have surgery. 
She wouldn’t let her stitches heal properly so the doctor gave her this huge cone! 
I died laughing when my sister sent me this picture of her. 

I think she did it for sympathy. LOL
We also had Baby Showers — which will be a separate post all together just because of the pictures alone, but of course you know afterwards it was all about completing the registry, which was my favorite thing to do. 
Of course I have to wait for my chauffeur to get off the phone before we can pull off.. stay waiting on him to finish checking or posting to Instagram. LOL

Lastly, for now.. 
I know the last time I posted, I was talking about a few issues with work- 
The major stress of the POINTLESS Federal Government shutdown. 
Like it or not, I support the Affordable Healthcare Act – just because of my own experience and believe that if people educate themselves enough they can find a plan that works best for them. Because of it, I got an email that my Breast Pump is being shipped after zero cost to me (not even shipping) once I ordered it and placed my insurance information in the payment screen and my husbands prescriptions went down from $70 for 30 days down to $10 for 90 days… 
BUT – 
Thats neither here nor there.. 
I got transferred!
From the office in S.E. Washington, DC where I was close to the Navy Yard to an office in N.W. Washington, D.C.

I spent a few days packing my boxes and now I am on a team where my Field Partner and Neighbor is..  We work as hard as we have fun. Yup, I am STILL working and plan to up until Dec. 2nd or when she arrives, whichever comes first.

The one thing that I will miss this year… 
That I probably won’t be able to go to Christmas Celebration especially since its a lot of live animals and my due date is smack dab in the middle of the production dates. 
I usually do make up for the show which means whole days on my feet doing make up.
So I HAD to go visit the cast and make-up team during rehearsal just once while pregnant to say hi. I’ll miss them this production but I hope to be back by Easter Production. 

Whew you made it to the end. 
36 weeks – Officially 9 months Pregnant.. 
and still just as thankful as the first day!

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New Developments

So, the Federal Government has been shut down for a week. 
How does the shut down specifically affect me you might ask?
Well, I am considered to be essential – the one thing that the Federal Government doesn’t want is to ever have a lack of law enforcement presence, even if we are not getting paid. 
Nothing proved that more than the incident that happened on Capitol Hill this week where the young lady was gunned down by Secret Service Uniform Division after using her vehicle to pass through barricades and flee through the streets of D.C.
My office had an influx of foolishness as well… 
This explains the mindset right here: 
No Fools, We are NOT!
This week alone I sent away two guys – within one day and I am sure there would be more except unfortunately the Parole Commission is shut down, so my warrants are on delay. 
So I know what you are saying, but they voted to give you back pay!
That means nothing to me! If not anything it makes me more upset!
It just says that those that are HOME on furlough will also get a check, just like those of us who have still been getting up to go to work every single day thus far of the shutdown working for our “essential” IOUs. If anything I would’ve preferred the week vacation. 
Also, now that doesn’t hurry along our funds or guarantee an on time pay check. 
After my pay check that comes on Saturday – by the way, its only a HALF check, we will not get another check nor be paid back until after the shutdown is over.
So each day that passes, morale goes down and we feel more and more like slaves. 
In other news, in the midst of the shutdown, I found out that I am getting transferred out of the S.E. Washington, DC area office. Can we say “AWESOME!” 
No longer in the “hood” and better food options because my new office is actually downtown closer to the U.S. Capitol and Courthouse. I am excited for the new experience but sad that I am leaving my coworkers whom I have created a great bond. 
Also, this weekend, I went to yet another concert at my husband’s church that was hosted and produced by the local Gospel Radio Station. 
Kurt Carr, Donnie McClurkin and Isaac Carree were there to name a FEW!

Backstage, Uncle Donnie was so happy to see that me and my husband were expecting. He has been coming to my husbands church for so many productions over the years. He talked to the baby through my belly and told her “now when you come out, please don’t hurt anything.” I couldn’t do anything but laugh! He loves children.. 
Case in point, our good friend brought his 6 month old son to the concert. He was fighting sleep the whole time because there were so many people coming in and out of the holding room. 
Uncle Donnie decided he wanted to tell him a bed time story. 
He decided that acting out Shakespeare was the best way to go.
While we DIED laughing, my friends son actually fell asleep. I think almost out of fear. 
It was so cute. 

At home, I finally got her bassinet up for our room! 
That’s one small step because as of right now thats ALL we have complete for her arrival in about 9 weeks.  I keep giving Amos strong hints about what I want him to put together and he keeps dragging his feet… in a minute, I am going to really have to lay down the law to get him to get this nursery together. Even our doctor today laughed at how much we have not done. 

Speaking of Doctor’s visit, all is well with Baby Girl. 
Heart rate is normal – I definitely only passed my glucose test by one point, but a pass is a pass. 
She also confirmed that thus far I have only gained 5 pounds this pregnancy. 
I swear it must all be in my FACE!
I feel so pregnant in the face even though at times I can easily conceal my belly. 
I am excited that we are finally in the single digits of counting down the days. 
Also, terrified!
Hope you have a wonderful week!
P.S. I am now experiencing Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel and can’t wear any of my rings – who knows now when I can update my blog. But I will make a valiant effort as long as its not painful. 

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Birthdays, Baby Girl and Bump Update

September 14, 2013 was my 31st Birthday (YOIKES!) – I can NOT believe that I am that old. It has not even sunk in yet. I think that I will probably still hold on to 30 (not that its any better) for a little while longer. 
This year of course being pregnant, I honestly didn’t feel like celebrating in ways that I would have if I wasn’t pregnant. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t celebrate at all. I had a great time celebrating this year. 
I spent the day with my husband going to brunch at my favorite diner. 
He took me to get my nails done right after – 
It was only right that since the Football Season just started that I would get my nails done in my favorite teams colors: Purple and Gold for my Baltimore Ravens Baby!
It would later be a pre-cursor to the best Birthday gift my husband could’ve ever gotten me. 
We travelled down to Annapolis, MD to go try this Ice Cream shop that I had heard so much about. 
Its been voted the “Best of Annapolis” for like the last 6 years even while its surrounded by other ice cream shops on the same block. 
So who better than me than to see what the hoopla was all about?
Hubby had Coffee Cookies and Cream in a waffle cone. I couldn’t decide so I went with Mint Cookies and Cream and Coffee Cookies and Cream. Grant it I didn’t want to show you just how big my bowl of Ice Cream was. LOL it was kind of bigger than I expected and sadly I ate the entire thing – I was so ashamed. It was totally worth it!
We walked down to the Boardwalk and sat there reflecting as we watched the water and the Yachts go by. It reminded me of my childhood where we would go down to Annapolis to visit my grandfather who lived down there and had a boat. He would take us out on the boat and we would go check the crab traps and go fishing and bring back the catch of the day and indulge. 
Well on Sunday, my Birthday gift from my husband was tickets to the home opener in Baltimore to see my Super Bowl Championship Winning Baltimore Ravens!

We played the Cleveland Browns that day. 
Truth be told, I really thought that there was a chance that we may actually lose this game. 
The turf appeared to be super slippery. Our receivers were not catching the ball to save our life. Our brand new defense doesn’t play with the fire that my Super Bowl Champs did so they weren’t making stops as quickly as they used to. 
It ended up being a low scoring game, but in the second half my team managed to at least score a few touchdowns while Cleveland was held to two field goals that were kicked by our former kicker. 
And now a Bump Update – We are Officially in the 3rd Trimester! 
28 weeks!
It’s like getting to Senior Year of High School … and I am trying hard not to get Senioritis and start to dread the last days. I want to continue to enjoy it to the very end (probably to prove all the debbie downers wrong even more). 
I got every horror story once people found out I was pregnant and what I have learned is that we really are that much more different. Where someone can only remember the miserable, I can still remember all the good times despite being sore at times. 
So now as she is approaching her arrival, you can imagine that people are giving me the whole “get your sleep now because you won’t sleep once she’s here” speech. 
That doesn’t stand true for everyone. I’m going to pray that when she comes out she gets her nights and days right. (one can pray right?!) Because right now, lately, she has kept me from going to sleep at 11pm with her latest gymnastic routine and then she goes into a straight Floyd Mayweather mode at about 4am. I literally have to rock for her to go back to sleep and then I am up for the next hour… smh I can already see how this is going to go. 
She wears me out I tell you.. after work if I make it upstairs in the house, I just have to lay down to stretch out and hopefully give her more room because thats what it seems like she is looking for. 
I get into my “cleaning the floor” stances in order to help her turn because she is still breech and of course I read some where that would help. We shall see. 
Either way, we did a 3D sonogram – So HERE SHE IS… 
Isn’t she a cutie pa too tee!?!
Poor thing is JUST like her momma, even though she looks just like her father – she loves wearing her umbilical cord like a necklace. That was exactly what I did in the womb. I got myself all wrapped up that I gave my mother and the doctor a great scare. I am hoping that baby girl continues to wear it like a Lei instead of getting wrapped all the way around like I did. 

Someone was good and sleep but was smiling the whole time.
She is so funny to me. 

Someone was definitely a sleepy baby and could care less about which position mommy got in, she was still fast asleep. 

She is so anti-paparazzi. She was like Mommy ENOUGH! LOL this little girl is going to be so funny to me. 

So what say you?! Who do you think she looks like?
I would be so tempted to go back in a few weeks, but I am going to sit on my hands and try to be patient until she comes out so I can love on her even more. 
But I can not lie, seeing what she looks like has definitely made more excited than EVER!

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