Doing Something that I have NEVER done Before!

It’s hard.
Working out that is.
I mean all year I have been talking about how I want to look
and I know what it takes to get there.
and yet…
Every time I think I may want to work out, miraculously time passes and its no longer on my mind.
I thought if I picked days- you know, like make a schedule, that would help.
But then those days come and go and still – I have ZERO motivation to go to anybody’s gym.
I have tried  thought about taking classes or even having people to go with me.
The failure there – having someone just about as enthusiastic about working out as me.
I need to find someone who is in the same boat as me but has a different outlook about it so that it can rub off on me.
On the plus side, I have been doing at least a 5 K walk every month.
And that’s no easy task for someone about as lazy as I am.
Want to know something funny?
I wear these almost every week!
just around the house though.
They are the most comfortable work out pants ever,
and yet, I remember not a time where I have worn them to the gym! HA!
When I feel motivated to work out, I start looking and buying things I want to wear to the gym and then end up just wearing them around the house or napping in them.
Recently, I had to pray that God change my heart towards getting fit.
I swear its going to take a MIRACLE.
I would even settle for the size I was two years ago.
My biggest problem is that all my life, losing large amounts of weight has always been by accident so I don’t know what to do AND I love to cook and eat!
I keep saying when the gym opens in my development that I will be there.
I PRAY thats the case.
The downside is that they have yet to set a date for opening within this year.
My New Years Resolutions are not working out so well in my favor.
So, this week. I have cooked several “Skinny Taste” Meals and I trying to turn this attitude in the right direction, but boy is it hard!
Is it just me?

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Monday’s Musings: A Weekend of Celebrations

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – I sure did.
It was Howard Homecoming Weekend – 

Something about coming back to your Alma Mater reminiscing and teaching the Freshman Class how you used to do it when you went there.. 

I can say that I saw A LOT of people that I remember.. Some have aged well and some made u look like UMM IS THAT???? YIKES~ all in all though it was FUN!!!

Mr. and Miss Howard University and their court during half time 
We always have celebrity sightings during Homecoming and sometimes on any given day on the Yard. 
At Homecoming I saw Laz Alonzo and AJ but also there was T.I., Meek Mill, Brandy, Lance Gross and so many other recording artists were in town hosting parties. 

Also, Howard University has most Alpha Chapters for most Black Greek Letter Organizations. One near and dear to my heart is Delta Sigma Theta – a sorority founded by my great grandmother when she was a student at Howard University. I will share more about how that came to be during our Centennial Founder’s Day in January 2013. 

Our symbolic statue of Fortitude stands right behind Founder’s Library in what is known as the Valley.
We WON our Homecoming Game against Morgan State and this is the winning touchdown. Sitting right in the end zone definitely had its perks. The score was 21-20.

Also this weekend was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Maryland. 

My Line Sisters got together to celebrate the life of two of our own who beat Breast Cancer and I also walked in memory of my Aunt who passed away a short time after finding out she had Breast Cancer. 

This was my first time walking in this Race for the Cure. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I had not been doing 5K’s recently at work. I really enjoyed getting out there SUPER early and getting a good walk in. 
Our Team Name was “Deltas In Pink” as our signature color is Crimson (Red).

I walked for her! 
I thank God for saving the life of my Line Sister. Had she not survived I would not have met such a wonderful friend and sister. 

She’s a survivor!

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miscellany monday at lowercase letters

Breast Cancer Awareness: It all started with MLK

“What did?” you may be asking…
My weight loss motivation that is…
It all started when my job decided to have monthly Walk/Run events to get us out of the office.
We meet up at our downtown offices which are not too far from the U.S. Capitol and then take a nice walk..
This time we went down to the Washington Monument up to the Tidal Basin and decided to push ourselves further by walking AROUND the Tidal Basin to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument.
This was the furthest walk I had been on in a LONG time.
But it was just what I needed!
Once I got over the fact that my ankle and my legs were hurting.. I decided that the next day I would walk around the shopping plaza, which led to wanting to walk around the neighborhood..
It led to me trying to find motivation to meal plan better and find other things to do.
Real talk: I saw my little sisters picture of her on her 27th birthday and she looked great. I remember when I was that size. I figured if I could be a size 8 when I met my husband 6 years ago, WHY but out of sheer laziness have I allowed myself to get to a size 18.
Truthfully, its because I have never had to work out to lose weight.
I was always smaller in frame. I used to belong to a dance company all throughout high school. While in college, my heaviest weight was 130lbs. I went to college weighing in at 95 lbs.
So in a relationship prior to meeting my husband my biggest size was a 12.
I guess I just got comfortable at my work desk and tried not to go out dancing as much as I used to because it would be every weekend for about 5 hours.
Then, I started working two jobs and my part-time was spent on my feet. I lost all the weight by not having time to sit down and eat dinner. I went from that size 12 back to a 8 easily and would spend money like no tomorrow shopping in Bebe because I could fit it!
So when we got married, I was able to lose the weight by working part time at Target and Boot Camp once a week!
I really and truly do not know what it feels like to consistently go to the gym just to lose and maintain weight.
I literally had prayed for God to change my heart about working out because I do not know how to do it and how I would be able to keep it up.
And so after visiting the MLK Memorial for the first time ever, all because my job pushed me to go the extra mile, I have a new found motivation to take small steps to getting the weight down.
Its a new pre-baby goal.
It was either that or Skydiving.. and I am sure that my husband would not appreciate the latter.
So as you will see I have some new fitness inspired blogs on my blog roll to keep reminding me what I need to do. I am taking baby steps but November 1st is my goal to implement my fitness plan fully.
To keep me motivated for walking, I am participating in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Walk for Breast Cancer on Sunday, for the very first time! Again another walk for a great cause!
I am walking in memory of my Aunt Brenda Smith and my Line Sisters Rhonda and Sherri who are Breast Cancer Survivors.
Who else has done it or will be meeting me there?

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My Back! My Thigh! WHY LORD WHY?!

As you can guess by the title, I tried a Boot Camp fitness class yesterday.
Man, I was so hype about it .. I was thinking “THIS is exactly what I need to get back to being motivated towards the goal for my 30th Birthday”
So! I got prepared for a work out.. Under Armour on deck! Some leggings and the most comfortable pair of Nike’s I have ever owned. I was excited… can’t you tell by my face! and this is after work! LOL
Then I get in the car.. and this happens.
Dark clouds roll in and drizzle starts coming from the sky!
I yell out (real talk) “The devil is a liar!”
The one day that I am motivated to go to boot camp and it wants to start raining, knowing good and well that I just got my hair done two days ago!
So I broke out into spontaneous prayer, binding all kinds of rain storms…
Well, it must’ve worked because that dark cloud rolled out so fast. It never even rained over on the track where we were working out. The sun came back out.. we even saw double rainbows and we kept working out for an hour and half…
THIS is how I feel today at work!

My back hurts, my thighs hurt… I can’t walk up and down the steps and I felt like the toilet was so low this morning, I cried because I didn’t think I was going to make it without busting my tail!
I should’ve known I was going to be in pain since the last fitness class I was in was two years ago right before my Wedding..
It hurts so good!
I think by the time I get off today, I will be ready to take it easy and walk a few miles.. lets hope the rain clouds come hold back.

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Sometimes & Always

There are times in which I come across some great blogs that have some really great link-ups that allow me to get some of my day to day thoughts out…
If you notice, Monday’s I unload my weekend musings and link up with lowercase letters, which allow me to really just catch you guys up on what happened over the weekend.
…and for Friday’s I LOVE Friday’s Letters with Ashley to kind of kick off the excitement for the weekend…
In between the week you never know what you may find here, but I promise.. mostly its what I am thinking at the moment, which usually its something random and hilarious and then I will link up to Finding the Funny..
a new Favorite Blog- soon to be Bloggy Friend, Megan writes Sometimes and Always on Tuesdays.. and I decided that I would like to link up as it also gives me a chance to get my week started (what you may not know is that I work from home on Mondays, so Tuesday is my Monday).
And so, my inaugural Sometimes and Always..
Sometimes: I want to write a blog post and get it started in draft as a reminder so that I remember to complete it and link up for others to read it..
Always: I remember that I did it when its too late to link up and it has to sit and wait. (if you can’t see, that post says draft from 5/15/2012 – what day is today? umm yeah).

Sometimes: I get hoodwinked and bamboozled into going to eat lunch with my coworkers
Always: I regret where they choose.

My instagram from that day I went out with my coworkers
Sometimes: I miss the days of working in Entertainment Television because of the perks that I had.
Always: I am thankful my sister does because she gives me just enough swag so that I feel like I am not missing out anything.

The book she got after interviewing Tia Mowry; little sis said to go ahead keep it until it comes time for her to need it.
Sometimes: I have days like today where I feel like coffee is necessary.
Always: I drink coffee even if its not necessary.

Sometimes: The offenders I supervise try to talk their way out of being sanctioned for mistakes they make.
Always: I kill them with kindness and enforce every rule with all seriousness… and a smile.

Sometimes: I swear today will be the day that I kick excercising into full gear.
Always: I find something else to do with my time.

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